Work Virtually Anywhere: vGPU Innovators Share Top Tips at GTC Digital

by Anne Hecht

GPU virtualization has evolved significantly over the last few years, and vGPU performance has become essential to powering a wide range of graphics and compute-intensive workloads across VDI, cloud computing, RTX rendering, intelligent video analytics, virtual reality and 5G. Enterprises can rely on NVIDIA GPU virtualization solutions to help keep employees productive, wherever they work.

GTC Digital will showcase how NVIDIA vGPU is helping professionals get the power and performance for accelerating intensive compute and graphics workflows from a virtual machine, so they can work remotely from anywhere, on any device.

By joining expert sessions and trainings, you can deepen your expertise on how GPU virtualization is now enabling new workloads and efficiency across on-premises data centers, the cloud and the 5G edge.

If you’re interested in leading your organization in adopting the latest GPU-accelerated breakthroughs, you’ll want to attend many of the 44 virtualization sessions taking place at GTC, which will explore a number of key themes.

RTX On: Empowering Every Artist and Content Creator

NVIDIA RTX has transformed computer graphics, delivering interactive, real-time ray tracing to help artists create new scenes and photoreal images instantly. To make it easy for artists to access RTX, Quadro Virtual Workstation runs RTX-enabled apps from the data center or cloud, expanding the reach to anywhere the artist wants to work and to any connected device.

For those evaluating how to move users to the cloud, don’t miss the NVIDIA and Microsoft session on Windows Virtual Desktop, a powerful and affordable cloud option for professional graphics workstations.

Deliver Wireless 5G Streaming with NVIDIA CloudXR

With NVIDIA CloudXR, high-quality VR and AR experiences can now stream across 5G networks to any device, opening the door to a new ecosystem of graphics-rich mobile experiences.

CloudXR runs on NVIDIA servers located in the cloud or on premises to provide advanced graphics performance for wireless immersive environments. A number of GTC sessions will explore new projects that are dependent on vGPU as an essential pillar of delivering 5G XR content.

Get Inspired: Learn from Customer-Driven vGPU Sessions

Innovative leaders are using NVIDIA vGPUs to power success across a wide variety of industries. At GTC, get inspired by their projects and learn from their experiences across a diverse range of applications:

Autonomous Vehicles: Clemson University will share how it applied NVIDIA Virtual Computer Server in its high performance computing infrastructure to optimize GPU resources running the Metamoto application for the university’s Open Connected and Automated Vehicle (OpenCAV) project.

Healthcare: Learn how the Netherlands Cancer Institute is using virtualization to change the future of healthcare. As one of the top ten cancer centers in the world, NKI uses NVIDIA vGPU and T4 GPUs to power their virtualized environments so professionals can enhance cancer research, diagnoses and treatments.

Intelligent Video Analytics: As video analytics provide meaningful insights to city officials and retailers, the IT teams supporting these groups are increasingly focused on supporting insight while ensuring security. Learn how NVIDIA Virtual Compute Server software with vGPU technology provides cost- and operationally efficient virtualization for modern, secure intelligent video analytics.

Media and Entertainment: Discover how HPE and NVIDIA are working to combine industry-leading servers, NVIDIA RTX GPUs, virtualization and NGC container libraries to address the need for advanced system architectures for three use cases, including virtual workstation for engineering applications, desktop-as-a-service for high-quality image rendering and low-latency edge analytics.

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