Yotta CEO Sunil Gupta on Supercharging India’s Fast-Growing AI Market

by Kristen Yee

India’s AI market is expected to be massive. Yotta Data Services is setting its sights on supercharging it. In this episode of NVIDIA’s AI Podcast, Sunil Gupta, cofounder, managing director and CEO of Yotta Data Services, speaks with host Noah Kravitz about the company’s Shakti Cloud offering, which provides scalable GPU services for enterprises of all sizes. Yotta is the first Indian cloud services provider in the NVIDIA Partner Network, and its Shakti Cloud is India’s fastest AI supercomputing infrastructure, with 16 exaflops of compute capacity supported by over 16,000 NVIDIA H100 Tensor Core GPUs. Tune in to hear Gupta’s insights on India’s potential as a major AI market and how to balance data center growth with sustainability and energy efficiency.

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Time Stamps

1:18: Background on Yotta
2:58: What is Shakti Cloud?
6:44: What does Shakti Cloud mean for India’s tech sector?
10:36: The self-service, scalable capabilities of Shakti Cloud
19:48: Balancing data center growth with sustainability
24:35: Yotta’s work with NVIDIA
27:48: What’s next for Yotta?

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