Top Healthcare Innovators Share AI Developments at GTC

Global event brings over 120 live and on-demand healthcare talks together in one place.
by Vanessa Braunstein

Healthcare is under the microscope this year like never before. Hospitals are being asked to do more with less, and researchers are working around the clock to answer pressing questions.

NVIDIA’s GPU Technology Conference brings everything you need to know about the future of AI and HPC in healthcare together in one place.

Innovators across healthcare will come together at the event to share how they are using AI and GPUs to supercharge their medical devices and biomedical research.

Scores of on-demand talks and hands-on training sessions will focus on AI in medical imaging, genomics, drug discovery, medical instruments and smart hospitals.

And advancements powered by GPU acceleration in fields such as imaging, genomics and drug discovery, which are playing a vital role in COVID-19 research, will take center stage at the conference.

There are over 120 healthcare sessions taking place at GTC, which will feature amazing demos, hands-on training, breakthrough research and more from October 5-9.

Turning Months into Minutes for Drug Discovery

AI and HPC are improving speed, accuracy and scalability for drug discovery. Companies and researchers are turning to AI to enhance current methods in the field. Molecular simulation like docking, free energy pertubation (FEP) and molecular dynamics requires a huge amount of computing power. At every phase of drug discovery, researchers are incorporating AI methods to accelerate the process.

Here are some drug discovery sessions you won’t want to miss:

Architecting the Next Generation of Hospitals

AI can greatly improve hospital efficiency and prevent costs from ballooning. Autonomous robots can help with surgeries, deliver blankets to patients’ rooms and perform automatic check-ins. AI systems can search patient records, monitor blood pressure and oxygen saturation levels, flag thoracic radiology images that show pneumonia, take patient temperatures and notify staff immediately of changes.

Here are some sessions on smart hospitals you won’t want to miss:

Training AI for Medical Imaging

AI models are being developed at a rapid pace to optimize medical imaging analysis for both radiology and pathology. Get exposure to cutting-edge use cases for AI in medical imaging and how developers can use the NVIDIA Clara Imaging application framework to deploy their own AI applications.

Building robust AI requires massive amounts of data. In the past, hospitals and medical institutions have struggled to share and combine their local knowledge without compromising patient privacy, but federated learning is making this possible. The learning paradigm enables different clients to securely collaborate, train and contribute to a global model. Register for this session to learn more about federated learning and its use on AI COVID-19 model development from a panel of experts.

Must-see medical imaging sessions include:

Accelerating Genomic Analysis

Genomic data is foundational in making precision medicine a reality. As next-generation sequencing becomes more routine, large genomic datasets are becoming more prevalent. Transforming the sequencing data into genetic information is just the first step in a complicated, data-intensive workflow. With high performance computing, genomic analysis is being streamlined and accelerated to enable novel discoveries about the human genome.

Genomic sessions you won’t want to miss include:

The Best of MICCAI at GTC

This year’s GTC is also bringing to attendees the best of MICCAI, a conference focused on cutting-edge deep learning medical imaging research. Developers will have the opportunity to dive into the papers presented, connect with the researchers at a variety of networking opportunities, and watch on-demand trainings from the first ever MONAI Bootcamp hosted at MICCAI.

Game-Changing Healthcare Startups

Over 70 healthcare AI startups from the NVIDIA Inception program will showcase their latest breakthroughs at GTC. Prepare to be inspired by the AI- and HPC-powered technologies these startups are developing for personalized medicine and next-generation clinics. In a special fireside chat, NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang will sit down with Inception partners for an unplugged conversation about industry trends and developments and what they mean for the entire startup ecosystem.

Here are some Inception member-led talks not to miss:

Make New Connections, Share Ideas

GTC will have new ways to connect with fellow attendees who are blazing the trail for healthcare and biomedical innovation. Join a Dinner with Strangers conversation to network with peers on topics spanning drug discovery, medical imaging, genomics and intelligent instrument development. Or, book a Braindate to have a knowledge-sharing conversation on a topic of your choice with a small group or one-on-one.

Learn more about networking opportunities at GTC.

Brilliant Minds Never Turn Off

GTC will showcase the hard work and groundbreaking discoveries of developers, researchers, engineers, business leaders and technologists from around the world. Nowhere else can you access five days of continuous programming with regionally tailored content. This international event will unveil the future of healthcare technology, all in one place.

Check out the full healthcare session lineup at GTC, including talks from over 80 startups using AI to transform healthcare, and register for the event today.