How AI Can Elevate Viewer Experiences in Broadcast

Finland’s MTV Oy adopts Valossa’s AI solutions, powered by NVIDIA, to automatically analyze video content, extract details for rich metadata and generate engaging clips of content for viewers.
by Sepi Motamedi

Video content has never been more prevalent, thanks to the rising popularity of streaming platforms.

As multiple streaming services compete against each other, companies must find ways to enhance content creation and distribution within a shifting revenue landscape.

To address these challenges, one company is tapping into the power of AI. 

MTV Oy, Finland’s leading commercial television broadcasting and video content company, was looking for innovative ways to bring content to life while enhancing the user experience for audiences and advertisers.

With the help of Valossa, a Finnish provider of AI solutions powered by NVIDIA technologies, MTV has the capabilities to deliver the best possible user experience for viewers. Valossa is a member of NVIDIA Inception, a program that supports the global startup ecosystem with go-to-market support, expertise and technology.

Elevating User Experience Through Automation 

With decades of content available for licensing and monetization, and even more in the production pipeline, broadcasters and media providers must find new ways to manage, distribute and promote their libraries.

To engage and retain audiences, it’s important that content is easily discoverable — and this is the challenge MTV faced. The company wanted to improve content discoverability and recommendations, and better manage their media libraries — so it turned to AI.

In exploring AI solutions, MTV met with Valossa and saw an opportunity to succeed in competition against other big over-the-top and news service providers, both locally and globally.

But making content more discoverable was just the start. MTV wanted to provide expanded capabilities around search, recommendations and promotion of media in a way that felt more personalized to the viewer. This required automating and optimizing elements of the content distribution and consumption process.

Using Valossa’s AI solutions powered by NVIDIA GPUs, TensorRT software development kit and CUDA toolkit, MTV can automate the extraction of essential details in videos to create rich metadata that includes contextual video topics, categories, speech keywords, celebrity appearances and more — this helps improve content visibility in search engines.

The AI solution also allows MTV to automate the tagging and categorization of videos for advertising and licensing purposes. And it can analyze video content and use the data to automatically create engaging, promotional video clips for viewers.

Valossa AI has turned into a powerful video understanding engine, with the help of NVIDIA’s innovations in hardware and software. With NVIDIA GPU acceleration, Valossa has experienced 10-20x speed gains for the audiovisual analysis. This AI solution has helped MTV  make content consumption easier for viewers, and it enables the company to deliver the stories that audiences are interested in.

By adopting innovative technologies, MTV has indubitably increased its competitiveness within the broadcast landscape.

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