Now Hear This: Top Five AI Podcasts of 2022

by Rick Merritt

One of tech’s top talk shows, the NVIDIA AI Podcast has attracted more than 3.6 million listens to date from folks who want to hear the latest in machine learning.

Its 180+ installments so far have included interviews with luminaries like Kai-Fu Lee and explored how AI is advancing everything from monitoring endangered rhinos to analyzing images from the James Webb Space Telescope.

Here’s a sampler of the most-played episodes in 2022:

Waabi CEO Raquel Urtasun on Using AI, Simulation to Teach Autonomous Vehicles to Drive

A renowned expert in machine learning, Urtasun discusses her current work at Waabi using simulation technology to teach trucks how to drive. Urtasun is a professor of computer science at the University of Toronto and the former chief scientist and head of R&D for Uber’s advanced technology group.

What Is Conversational AI? ZeroShot Bot CEO Jason Mars Explains

Automated chatbots ain’t what they used to be — they’re getting a whole lot better, thanks to advances in conversational AI. Entrepreneur, educator and author Jason Mars breaks down the latest techniques giving AI a voice.

Exaggeration Detector Could Lead to More Accurate Health Science Journalism

Dustin Wright, a researcher at the University of Copenhagen, used NVIDIA GPUs to create an “exaggeration detection system.” He pointed it at hyperbole in health science news and explained to the AI Podcast how it works.

Fusing Art and Tech: MORF Gallery CEO Scott Birnbaum on Digital Paintings, NFTs and More

Silicon Valley startup MORF Gallery showcases artists who create with AI, robots and visual effects. Its CEO provides a virtual tour of what’s happening in digital art — including a plug-in device that can turn any TV into an art gallery.

‘AI Dungeon’ Creator Nick Walton Uses AI to Generate Infinite Gaming Storylines

What started as Nick Walton’s college hackathon project grew into “AI Dungeon,” a game with more than 1.5 million users. Now he’s co-founder and CEO of Latitude, a startup using AI to spawn storylines for games.

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