AI Leaders Amazon, Dell, Google, IBM, Microsoft Among Thousands Gathering for GTC

NVIDIA CEO to keynote conference where AI boom began.
by Roger de la Cruz

Amazon, Dell, Google, IBM and Microsoft will join leaders from across business, technology and academia at next month’s GPU Technology Conference.

The conference brings thousands of developers and business leaders to Silicon Valley the week of March 17 to network, share their discoveries and learn more about how AI advances industries from manufacturing to transportation, finance to robotics, and cloud computing to healthcare.

Billions now use AI-enabled capabilities on smartphones and speakers. Every car company is developing autonomous vehicles. Nineteen countries, including the U.S., China, U.K., Japan and South Korea, have announced national AI strategies.

It was at GTC five years ago that most first heard about deep learning when NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang demonstrated it during his keynote.

Huang will be keynoting the conference again this year, where he’ll discuss the latest developments in the AI, machine learning and deep learning technology now used by thousands of companies worldwide.

GTC will feature:

  • 600 talks from the world’s leading AI experts at companies including Alibaba, Amazon, Apple, Audi, Bloomberg, Boeing, BMW, Caterpillar, Dell, Facebook, Google, GM, Honda, Hyundai, IBM, Lockheed Martin, Microsoft, MIT, NASA, Oracle, Samsung, Toyota, Uber, Visa, Walmart and Walt Disney
  • 10 self-driving cars and trucks
  • 12 robots
  • 10 of the world’s top technical universities
  • Hands-on training for 5,000 developers
  • Presentations from five of the top seven radiology departments in the country, with four of the top five research medical universities in the country leading sessions

Need more? Watch Bryan Catanzaro, NVIDIA’s vice president of applied deep learning, tick through five of the biggest reasons to attend.

They include:

  • The impact GPUs have on everything from self-driving cars to genomics, medical imaging and high performance computing — one conference pass lets you see it all
  • An exhibit hall packed with everything from startups and established companies to a virtual holodeck where you can see self-driving vehicles that will be hitting the road soon
  • Hands-on instructor-led training from NVIDIA’s Deep Learning Institute
  • Huang’s keynote — always entertaining and informative
  • Connect with Experts sessions where you can meet with researchers and engineers from NVIDIA and around the industry

Whatever your industry, GTC has something for you. Click on one of the preview videos below to learn more.

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