From Process to Product Design: How Rendermedia Elevates Manufacturing Workflows With XR Experiences

Using NVIDIA CloudXR, U.K. company helps businesses deliver photorealistic virtual products and engaging XR experiences to any VR device.
by JJ Kim

Manufacturers are bringing product designs to life in a newly immersive world.

Rendermedia, based in the U.K., specializes in immersive solutions for commerce and industries. The company provides clients with tools and applications for photorealistic virtual, augmented and extended reality (collectively known as XR) in areas like product design, training and collaboration.

With NVIDIA RTX graphics and NVIDIA CloudXR, Rendermedia helps businesses get their products in the hands of customers and audiences, allowing them to interact and engage collaboratively on any device, from any location.

Expanding XR Spaces With CloudXR

Previously, Rendermedia could only deliver realistic rendered products to customers through a CG rendered film, which was often time-consuming to create. It also didn’t allow for consumers to dynamically interact with the product.

With NVIDIA CloudXR, Rendermedia and its product manufacturing clients can quickly render and create fully interactive simulated products in photographic detail, while also reducing their time to market.

This can be achieved by transforming raw product computer-aided design (CAD) into a realistic digital twin of the product. The digital twin can then be used across the entire organization, from sales and marketing to health and safety teams.

Rendermedia can also use CloudXR to offer organizations the ability to design, market, sell and train different teams and customers around their products in different languages worldwide.

“With both the range of 3D data evolving and devices enabling us to interact with products and environments in scale, this ultimately drives the demands around the complexity and sophistication across products and environments within an organization,” said Rendermedia founder Mark Miles.

Rendermedia customers Airbus and National Grid are using VR experiences to showcase future products and designs in realistic scenarios.

Airbus, which designs, manufactures and sells aerospace products worldwide, has worked with Rendermedia on over 35 virtual experiences. Recently, Rendermedia helped bring Airbus’ vision to life by creating VR experiences that allowed users to experience its newest products in complete context and at scale.

National Grid is an electricity and gas utility company headquartered in the U.K. With the help of Rendermedia, National Grid used photorealistic digital twins of real-life industrial sites for virtual training for employees.

The power of NVIDIA CloudXR and RTX technology allows product manufacturers to visualize designs and 3D models using Rendermedia’s platform with more realism. And they can easily make changes to designs in real time, helping users iterate more often and get to final product designs quicker. CloudXR is cost-efficient and provides common standards for training across every learner.

“CloudXR combined with RTX means that our customers can virtualize any part of their business and access it on any device at scale,” said Miles. “This is especially important in training, where the abundance of platforms and devices that people consume can vary widely. CloudXR means that any training content can be consumed at the same level of detail, so content does not have to be readapted for different devices.”

With NVIDIA CloudXR, Rendermedia can further push the boundaries of photorealistic graphics in immersive environments, all without worrying about delivering to different devices and audiences.

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