Scaling New Heights: Surge in Remote Work Fuels NVIDIA Cloud Service Provider Program

Enterprises turn to NVIDIA to enable compute and graphics-intensive workloads to run seamlessly from the cloud at scale.
by Matt McGrigg

For many of the tens of millions of employees working from home amid the pandemic, their change of scenery is likely to stick.

Fifty-two percent of global IT and business leaders surveyed by IDC in June said that their work at home employment models will likely be permanently changed.*

To cope, enterprises are turning to the cloud as it provides the simplified, flexible management of IT resources that are required to support remote workers, wherever they may be. With NVIDIA GPUs and virtualization software, cloud infrastructure can support all kinds of compute and visualization workloads — AI, data science, computer-aided design, rendering, content creation and more — without compromising performance.

This surge of growth in remote work has led the NVIDIA Cloud Service Provider program, a pillar of the NVIDIA Partner Network, to grow by over 60 percent in the first half of the year alone.

New program members include Cloudalize, CoreWeave, Dizzion, E2E, IronOrbit and Paperspace.

The program provides partners like these with resources and tools to grow their business and ensure customer success. Recently 22 new partners have joined in Europe and more than 10 in North America.

Europe and North America have driven regional growth which has contributed to over 80 percent of the new CSP partner adoption, bringing the program to over 100 partners worldwide.

“As the world continues to adapt to working remote, we see unprecedented demand for high-performance managed desktop as a service across all industries,” said Robert Green, president and CTO of Dizzion. Jviation, an aviation engineering firm, relies on Dizzion to optimize its end-user experience, especially for high-end graphics, video collaboration and other media-intense workloads.

“With innovative NVIDIA GPUs, Dizzion cloud desktops enable any global team member to work from home — or anywhere — and keep things business as usual,” said Green.

Daniel Kobran, chief operating officer at Paperspace, said, “GPUs and the new era of accelerated computing are powering applications previously thought impossible. The Paperspace cloud platform provides on-demand GPU processing power behind a unified hub to facilitate collaboration across large, distributed teams for customers such as Medivis, which is using Paperspace to build AI-assisted, real-time analysis to provide surgeons key insights during surgery.”

Cloud service providers in the NPN program have expertise in designing, developing, delivering and managing cloud-based workloads, applications and services. Customers choosing providers that offer NVIDIA GPU-accelerated infrastructure can gain additional benefits, such as:

  • Broad NVIDIA GPU options from the cloud, such as Quadro RTX 6000 and 8000 and NVIDIA T4 and V100 Tensor Core GPUs.
  • Management software to easily unify enterprise private and multi-cloud infrastructure.
  • Services and offerings that ease adoption and migration to the cloud, including deep vertical and workload expertise. For example, desktop-as-a-service options configured with NVIDIA Quadro Virtual Workstation  to support graphics and compute workloads required by creative and technical professionals. Many offerings can be tailored to each enterprise’s unique needs.
  • Compliance with local data sovereignty laws.

More information on program benefits and how to sign up as a partner is available here.

* Source: IDC, “From Rigid to Resilient Organizations: Enabling the Future of Work”, Doc # US45799820, July 2020