Setting the Virtual Stage: ‘Deathtrap Dungeon’ Gets Interactive Thanks to NVIDIA RTX

On-Set Facilities uses RTX-powered computing platform GODBOX to enhance previsualization and real-time compositing.
by Rick Champagne

Deathtrap Dungeon: The Golden Room is a gripping choose-your-own-adventure story, but it’s no page-turner.

Based on the best-selling book of the same name, it’s an interactive film in which viewers become the player on their quest to find The Golden Room while facing down dungeon masters and avoiding traps.

NVIDIA RTX technology powers the real-time graphics and virtual sets behind this latest adaptation, which showcases the future of interactive storytelling on a virtual production stage.

On-Set Facilities (OSF) provided the technology for the virtual production. Using its own low-latency computing platform, the GODBOX powered by NVIDIA RTX, OSF enhanced virtual production workflows and delivered real-time compositing and previsualization for the interactive experience.

Bringing Virtual Sets to Life with NVIDIA RTX

When it comes to bringing VFX on set, OSF faced a common challenge — finding computers that could be configured for their creative teams and production needs. So they created their own on-set computer platform, GODBOX Workstations and Servers. It’s a synchronized real-time virtual production platform for low-latency, frame-accurate, virtual production applications and workflows.

From LED and in-camera VFX to mixed reality and motion capture, the GODBOX provides all the tools, features and solutions needed to set up and run a virtual production from any set.

All images courtesy of On-Set Facilities.

For Deathtrap Dungeon, OSF laid the foundations during preproduction and previsualization. The team used virtual sets and real locations, and combined that with real-time visual effects to bring sets to life. Digitally creating the previsual assets allowed the team to specify the size of stages, amounts of props and how many physical sets were needed.

“The objective was to previsualize the final VFX on the set, so that the directors, actors and crew could all see the virtual world,” said Asa Bailey, director of virtual production at OSF. “The GODBOX delivers in-camera VFX and real-time compositing pipelines powered by NVIDIA RTX. The platform was specifically designed to work with all kinds of virtual productions.”

Throughout the preproduction and the film shoot, OSF used Unreal Engine to conduct virtual scouting sessions using the GODBOX cloud production VPN. Using the secure cloud platform, OSF tested the virtual sets and worked with the production to set lighting and camera movements, all before going on set.

With the RTX-powered GODBOX, OSF also delivered real-time compositing so the cast and crew can see their performance with the virtual set and characters.  The team combined green screen live action with virtual sets and VFX elements in Unreal Engine. Then they’d take the real-time composition and feed it through to large screens and projectors on set.

OSF’s GODBOX stays updated with the latest NVIDIA drivers, as well as recently released optimizations. This helps increase the stability of the machine, which becomes crucial when the cameras are rolling.

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