How Dell EMC and NVIDIA Are Simplifying the AI Enterprise Data Center

Powerful, turnkey solution makes it easy to design, deploy and support AI at scale.
by Tony Paikeday

Many organizations have begun to infuse AI into their products, services and supply chains, but IT departments need to scale these efforts in a systematic way.

The newest DGX reference architecture — the Dell EMC Isilon with NVIDIA DGX-1 — is an integrated infrastructure offering that does just that.

Sold through our joint channel, it gives customers a proven approach for rapidly deploying AI at scale in the data center.

The dramatic rise in AI compute deployments, often led by line-of-business leaders and accomplished within silos, has led to AI infrastructure sprawl. It’s much like the early days of cloud computing, where a consolidated, optimized, shared infrastructure was lacking, forcing teams to seek their own solutions.

Businesses are now realizing they need AI at scale, and so enterprise IT teams are increasingly inserting themselves into their company’s AI agenda. To scale efficiently in the data center, like any other business-critical application needs to do, they’re using NVIDIA DGX-1 as their AI compute standard.

NVIDIA DGX systems give enterprises the fastest start in AI development, effortless productivity for data science teams, and revolutionary performance powered by an eight-way NVLink configuration that offers unmatched performance and fastest time to solution.

NVIDIA DGX POD is an IT-standardized approach to infrastructure that enables data science teams to train bigger models and datasets that incorporate more features. This provides greater predictive capabilities that deliver enhanced business value.

Using NVIDIA DGX POD, IT leaders and their line-of-business leaders bring important benefits to their organizations:

  • People — They can build communities of practice that bring together line-of-business experts (vs silos) and centralize education. This creates an AI talent pipeline, overcoming the limited availability of data science expertise.
  • Process — Consolidation of experience helps them accelerate their ability to go from AI ideation to proof-of-concepts to production.
  • Technology — Centralization of infrastructure built on NVIDIA DGX POD helps IT develop and deliver IT standards for AI computing that ensure the best performance, data science productivity and cost efficiency.

These benefits have a democratizing effect on an organization’s ability to spread machine learning and deep learning to the furthest reaches of the enterprise. And this new solution from Dell EMC and NVIDIA helps them get there.

Built on the experience and best practices implemented in DGX POD, this powerful combination of Dell EMC Isilon storage and NVIDIA DGX-1 compute, data center IT now has a trusted, proven solution that gets AI deployed faster. It offers predictable performance that scales and fits seamlessly within their operations.

Organizations around the globe are able to tap into the benefits of Dell EMC Isilon with DGX-1 today. Learn more: