NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute Releases New Accelerated Data Science Teaching Kit for Educators

by Joe Bungo

As data grows in volume, velocity and complexity, the data-science field is booming.

There’s an ever-increasing demand for talent and skill sets to help design the best data science solutions. However, expertise that can help drive these breakthroughs requires students to have a foundation in various tools, programming languages, computing frameworks and libraries.

That’s why the NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute has released the Accelerated Data Science Teaching Kit for qualified educators. The kit has been co-developed with Polo Chau, from the Georgia Institute of Technology, and Xishuang Dong, from Prairie View A&M University, two highly regarded researchers and educators in the fields of data science and accelerated data analytics with GPUs.

“Data science unlocks the immense potential of data in solving societal challenges and large-scale complex problems across virtually every domain, from business, technology, science and engineering to healthcare, government and many more,” Chau said.

The free teaching materials cover fundamental and advanced topics in data collection and preprocessing, accelerated data science with RAPIDS, scalable and distributed computing, GPU-accelerated machine learning, data visualization and graph analytics.

Content also covers culturally responsive topics such as fairness and data bias, as well as challenges and important individuals from underrepresented groups.

The Accelerated Data Science Teaching Kit includes focused modules covering:

  • Introduction to Data Science and RAPIDS
  • Data Collection and Preprocessing (ETL)
  • Data Ethics and Bias in Data Sets
  • Data Integration and Analytics
  • Data Visualization
  • Scalable Computing with Hadoop, Hive, Spark, HBase and RAPIDS
  • Scalable Computing with Dask and UCX
  • Machine Learning (Classification)
  • Machine Learning (Clustering and Dimensionality Reduction)
  • Neural Networks
  • Graph Analytics
  • Streaming Data
  • Genomics
  • Text Analytics
  • CPU vs GPU-accelerated Data Science
  • Data Science Teams, Code Back-up and Version Control
  • Team Project (Fake News Detection)

All modules include lecture slides, lecture notes and quiz/exam problem sets, and most modules include hands-on labs with included datasets and sample solutions in Python and interactive Jupyter notebook formats. Lecture videos will be included for all modules in the next release.

DLI Teaching Kits also come bundled with free GPU resources in the form of Amazon Web Services credits for educators and their students, as well as free DLI online, self-paced courses and certificate opportunities.

“Data science is such an important field of study, not just because it touches every domain and vertical, but also because data science addresses important societal issues relating to gender, race, age and other ethical elements of humanity,“ said Dong, whose school is a Historically Black College/University.

This is the fourth Teaching Kit released by the DLI, as part of its program that has reached over 8,000 qualified educators so far. Learn more about NVIDIA Teaching Kits.