Riding Shotgun in Cockpit of the Future, at GTC 2019

NVIDIA DRIVE IX partners showcase cutting-edge AI copilot technologies.
by Danny Shapiro

One day, controlling a vehicle won’t take more than a word and a glance.

At the GPU Technology Conference this week, our partners are showing how NVIDIA DRIVE IX can enhance the driver’s situational awareness, assist in driving functions and provide intelligent interactions between the vehicle and its occupants.

An open platform for intelligent cockpits, DRIVE IX supports a wide range of partner technologies to provide a comprehensive set of capabilities to automakers, suppliers and startups.

GTC attendees were able to experience this next-generation technology firsthand, sitting in the NVIDIA BB8 test vehicle equipped with our partners’ DRIVE IX software integrations.

Attendees check out the DRIVE IX ecosystem demo at GTC.

Easy Conversation

Using embedded speech software, DRIVE IX enables natural conversations with the car. It’s curated and always on — the key ingredient of an effective speech solution. With optimized latency and accuracy, DRIVE IX facilitates easy conversation within the cockpit.

SoundHound delivers unprecedented accuracy in voice recognition. Running on the high-performance compute of the NVIDIA DRIVE platform, its voice AI can understand context, such as the driver’s or passenger’s location or recent requests, to deliver the most relevant results.

SoundHound leverages the DRIVE platform for real time language processing.

This voice-enabled AI interface uses databases like Yelp, providing passengers with information and reviews on restaurants, stores and businesses in their surrounding area even when not connected to internet.

This means no more fumbling with console buttons or jabbing at unresponsive touchscreens. Everything you may need on your journey is just a word away.

All AIs on You

Distraction is one of the leading causes of accidents, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Bucking the trend of phones, texts and touchscreens, DRIVE IX is a technology that helps the car keep drivers focused on their task.

It enables our ecosystem partners to provide the driver monitoring capabilities necessary to keep drivers’ attention focused and ensure all passengers are secure in the vehicle.

Jungo’s CoDriver software provides automotive OEMs the capability to track the driver’s condition using deep learning algorithms on the DRIVE IX platform. Understanding whether a driver is drowsy makes it possible to implement advanced AI features to refocus the driver or step in during dangerous situations.

Running on DRIVE IX, Jungo detects whether a driver is drowsy or distracted.

Your car can also recognize you. With computer vision algorithms running at high speeds on the DRIVE platform, VisionLabs provides sophisticated and secure face identification features. This capability makes it possible for the car to use facial recognition to unlock or open doors, and maintain personalized profiles of seat, mirror and moonroof adjustments for each driver.

Using a sensor mounted inside the car, Guardian Optical Technology can track all the passengers inside the vehicle. When running on DRIVE IX, this enables key safety features, such as reminders if a child or pet is left in the backseat.

With DRIVE IX, all this and more can be possible in production vehicles. To learn more about the intelligent experience ecosystem, check out news from our partners.