GFN Thursday Brings Thunder to the Cloud With ‘Rumbleverse’ Arriving on GeForce NOW

Seven new games arrive to the cloud, plus GeForce NOW makes purchasing titles more seamless.
by GeForce NOW Community

It’s time to rumble in Grapital City with Rumbleverse launching today on GeForce NOW.

Punch your way into the all-new, free-to-play Brawler Royale from Iron Galaxy Studios and Epic Games Publishing, streaming from the cloud to nearly all devices.

That means gamers can tackle, uppercut, body slam and more from any GeForce NOW-compatible device, including mobile, at full PC quality. And GeForce NOW is the only way for Mac gamers to join the fray.

Plus, jump over to the list of seven new titles in the GeForce NOW library. Members will also notice a new “GET” button that makes accessing titles they’re interested in more seamless, so they can get right into gaming.

Drop in, Throw Down!

Drop into the chaotic world of Grapital City, where players must brawl it out to become the champion. Rumblers can create their own fighters using hundreds of unique items to stand out in the crowd — a 40-person melee crowd, to be exact.

Or, maybe, the strategy isn’t to stand out. With a massive city to run around in — including skyscrapers and an urban landscape — there are plenty of places to hide, duke it out and find crates full of weapons, like baseball bats or a stop sign, as well as upgrades to level up with.

Players can explore a ton of moves to take down other rumblers and discover perks with each round to come up with devious new ways to be the last person standing.

To learn the ways of the Rumble, Playground mode is available to explore Grapital City, in addition to various training modules scattered across the map. Players can also form a tag team and fight back to back with a friend.

Rumbleverse is free to play, so getting started is easy when paired with a free GeForce NOW membership. Thanks to the cloud, members don’t even have to wait for the game to download.

Level up to a RTX 3080 membership to stream at up to 1440p and 120 frames per second at ultra-low latency, plus dedicated access to RTX 3080 servers and eight-hour gaming sessions. It’s the best way to get the upper hand when duking it out with fellow rumblers.

Smash the ‘GET’ Button

The GeForce NOW apps on PC, Mac, iOS and browser now feature a “GET” button to link members directly to the digital store of their choice, making it even easier to quickly purchase titles or access free-to-play ones. And without having to wait for game downloads due to cloud streaming, members can dive into their new games as quickly as possible.

GeForce NOW GET Button
Get what you want, when you want it.

Hunted, the newest season of Apex Legends, is also available for members to stream. Hunt or be hunted in the cloud with a new Legend Vantage, an updated map of Kings Canyon, increased level cap and more in Apex Legends: Hunted.

Apex Legends Season 14 on GeForce NOW
Hunt or be hunted in the cloud in the newest season of “Apex Legends”

Plus, make sure to check out the seven new titles being added this week:

How do you plan to be a champion this week? We’ve got a couple of options for you to choose from. Let us know your answer on Twitter or in the comments below.