All This and Mor-a Are Yours With Exclusive ‘Genshin Impact’ GeForce NOW Membership Reward

Take a trip to the newly introduced Sumeru area for the game’s second anniversary with a reward exclusive to GeForce NOW members, and stream nine new titles from the cloud.
by GeForce NOW Community

It’s good to be a GeForce NOW member.

Genshin Impact’s new Version 3.1 update launches this GFN Thursday, just in time for the game’s second anniversary. Even better: GeForce NOW members can get an exclusive starter pack reward, perfect for their first steps in HoYoverse’s open-world adventure, action role-playing game.

And don’t forget the nine new games joining the GeForce NOW library this week, because there’s always something new to play.

Get the Party Started in ‘Genshin Impact’

Genshin Impact Version 3.1, “King Deshret and the Three Magi,” has arrived in time for the game’s second anniversary. The latest update introduces the massive desert area, new characters, events, gifts and more — and it’s the perfect time for new players to start their adventure, streaming on GeForce NOW.

Genshin Impact 3.1 on GeForce NOW
Explore the area of death, mystery and technology alongside new characters in the update.

Step into the starkly beautiful desert to uncover the legends of King Deshret and clues to the past buried in the sand. In addition, three Sumeru characters, Candace, Cyno and Nilou, join the playable cast.

Far beyond the sweltering sands, celebrations for Mondstadt’s Weinlesefest are arriving as the crisp autumn wind blows, delivering more events with “Wind Chaser” and “Star-Seeker’s Sojourn,” mini-games, and rich rewards.

Genshin Impact GeForce NOW Membership Reward
Claim rewards to begin the adventures in “Genshin Impact.”

Members who’ve opted in to GeForce NOW’s Rewards program will receive an email for a Genshin Impact starter kit that can be claimed through the NVIDIA Rewards redemption portal. The kit will become available in game once players reach Adventure Rank 10.

The reward includes 30,000 Mora to purchase various items, three “Mystic Enhancement Ores” to enhance weapons and three “Hero’s Wit” points to level up characters.

Haven’t opted in for members’ rewards yet? Log in to your NVIDIA account and select “GEFORCE NOW” from the header, then scroll down to “REWARDS” and click the “UPDATE REWARDS SETTINGS” button. Check the box in the dialogue window that shows up to start receiving special offers and in-game goodies.

Better hurry — these rewards are available for a limited time on a first-come, first-serve basis. To get first dibs, upgrade to a GeForce NOW Priority or RTX 3080 membership to receive rewards before anyone else.

Moar Games Plz

Kena Bridge of Spirits on GeForce NOW
Untangle the past as Kena, a young Spirit Guide in search of the sacred Mountain Shrine in this story-driven action adventure.

Ready to get into the action? Here’s what’s joining the GeForce NOW library this week:

  • Dome Keeper (New release on Steam)
  • Terra Invicta (New release on Steam)
  • The Legend of Heroes: Trails from Zero (New release on Steam and Epic Games Store)
  • Kena: Bridge of Spirits (New release on Steam)
  • Brewmaster: Beer Brewing Simulator (New release on Steam, Sept. 29)
  • Ground Branch (Steam)
  • Jagged Alliance: Rage! (Steam)
  • River City Saga: Three Kingdoms (Steam)
  • Weable (Steam)

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