Generative AI’s Journey to Production Unveiled at Google Cloud Next ’24

by Uttara Kumar

Generative AI is enabling groundbreaking innovations such as personalized treatment recommendations in healthcare, fraud detection and risk assessment in finance, and virtual try-on experiences for enhanced customer engagement in retail.

Taking generative AI applications from prototype to production requires a full-stack platform to address the unique challenges of real-time response, accuracy, scalability and usage.

Join NVIDIA and Google Cloud experts at Google Cloud Next, taking place April 9-11 in Las Vegas, to discover practical insights that can accelerate generative AI applications from prototype to production on Google Cloud.

A host of sessions and demos will explore the deepened partnership Google Cloud and NVIDIA announced last month at GTC. The collaboration spans every layer of the generative AI stack, including next-generation infrastructure, inference microservices and integrations that provide enterprises with an open, comprehensive platform for building and deploying generative AI applications.

Google Cloud will be among the first cloud providers to adopt the new NVIDIA Grace Blackwell platform for internal deployments and will offer it to customers globally through Blackwell-powered instances and via NVIDIA DGX Cloud, an AI platform offering a serverless experience for enterprise developers building and deploying large language models.

Customers can maximize application performance and get the most out of NVIDIA accelerated infrastructure with NVIDIA AI Enterprise software available on Google Cloud Marketplace. Its easy-to-use microservices provide optimized model performance with enterprise-grade security, support and stability to ensure a smooth transition from prototype to production for enterprises that run their businesses on AI.

NVIDIA AI and Google Cloud offer a full-stack platform that optimizes the performance, scale, versatility and enterprise-grade support to minimize costs and maximize the effectiveness of generative AI projects by taking advantage of Google Cloud’s global reach, simplified infrastructure management and ability to scale on demand.

Learn how to supercharge your generative AI journey with the NVIDIA AI platform on Google Cloud in the following sessions at Google Cloud Next:

Explore live demos at NVIDIA booth 1421 and hear directly from customers and partners. Visit NVIDIA at Google Cloud Next to get the latest news from the event.