GTC 2020: Gain Practical Insights from AI Business Leaders

by Paul Bommarito

Update: Our annual GPU Technology Conference will be virtual. Stay tuned for more details.

Deciding whether or not to adopt AI within an enterprise isn’t always an obvious choice. And figuring out when and how to implement key AI strategies can leave more questions than answers.

Businesses faced with these choices need to identify the problems they want to solve. They have to consider many important factors, such as the quality of data, types of data, which deep learning models to use, and how to build the right teams to implement strategies.

Executives can get answers to questions like these during AI for Business sessions at GTC, taking place March 22-26 in San Jose. These talks and discussions will address the most pressing issues for those leading AI adoption within businesses and other organizations.

From initial strategies to enterprise-wide implementations, leaders from the U.S. Congress, Accenture, PayPal and Wells Fargo Bank, among others, will explore real-world use cases that tackle concerns across all industries.

AI for Business talks were packed at last year’s event, so don’t delay in registering for GTC — and plan on showing up early to these must-attend sessions.

AI for Business audience at GTC

Highlights from the AI for Business Agenda

Day One: Monday, March 23

What Enterprises Can Expect from Congress

Get insight into how Congress views and prioritizes AI from U.S. Representative Jerry McNerney, of California’s 9th District, and Ned Finkle, vice president of External Affairs at NVIDIA.

Trusted AI: Effective Data Management and Communication Strategies

Hear leaders in AI from Jones Day, Hewlett Packard Enterprise and NVIDIA discuss best practices and practical steps in mitigating bias, developing trusted systems and strategies, and communicating outcomes.

Modernizing Your Workforce for an AI-Enabled World 

Athina Kanioura, chief analytics officer and global lead of Applied Intelligence at Accenture, shares how to evolve workforces to effectively manage new AI business strategies and implementations.

Day Two: Tuesday, March 24

Leveraging Conversational AI in Your Enterprise

Join panelists from Wells Fargo, Expedia, Cisco and NVIDIA to discover how to maximize the impact of conversational AI, a tool that can help organizations across industries decrease costs, increase revenue and connect with customers in unparalleled ways.

AI Deployments in Action: Lessons from the Front Lines

Business leaders from Intuit, PayPal and NVIDIA explain obstacles they faced when implementing AI projects into their workflows and provide key tips on how to overcome them.

AI Implementers Panel 

Learn from speakers from PayPal, Domino’s and NVIDIA on how to set up your AI projects for success by matching the right technology options to use cases and operational needs.

Beyond Proof of Concept: Scaling AI to Deliver Value Across Large Enterprises

Dan Diasio and Monika Wilczak, principal investigators from EY, aim to demystify the process of taking a successful proof of concept to production and tie the outcomes with business value.

How Business Insights Can Drive Business Outcomes 

Business leaders from Square, Capital One and NVIDIA discuss how data science is expanding the types of business insights available and how industry leaders are using this source of knowledge to drive action.

The Convergence of IoT and AI at the Edge

AI was previously run in data centers and now it’s moving to the edge. Hear from business leaders from MobiledgeX and Verizon who have started this transition and are tackling this challenge.

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