Coming to a Desktop Near You: The Future of Self-Driving

GTC Digital offers the latest in autonomous vehicle sessions and training.
by Katie Burke

To understand how AI will transform the way people, goods and services move, you don’t need to go farther than your desktop.

During GTC Digital, anyone can experience the latest developments in AI technology for free, from the comfort of their own home. Hundreds of expert talks and training sessions covering autonomous vehicles, robotics, healthcare, finance and more will soon be available at the click of a button.

Beginning March 25, GTC Digital attendees can tune in to sessions hosted by autonomous driving leaders from Ford, Toyota, Zoox and more, as well as receive virtual training from NVIDIA experts on developing AI for self-driving.

Check out what’s in store for the NVIDIA autonomous vehicle ecosystem.

Learn from Leaders

GTC Digital talks let AI experts and developers delve into their latest work, sharing key insights on how to deploy intelligent vehicle technology.

This year’s automotive speakers are covering the latest topics in self-driving development, including AI training, simulation and software.

  • Neda Cvijetic, senior manager of Autonomous Vehicles at NVIDIA, will apply an engineering focus to widely acknowledged autonomous vehicle challenges, and explain how NVIDIA is tackling them. This session will air live with a question-and-answer segment to follow.
  • Clement Farabet, vice president of AI Infrastructure at NVIDIA, will discuss NVIDIA’s end-to-end AI platform for developing NVIDIA DRIVE software. This live talk will cover how to scale the infrastructure to train self-driving deep neural networks and include a Q&A session.
  • Tokihiko Akita, project research fellow, Toyota Technical Institute, will detail how deep neural networks can be used for autonomous vehicle object recognition and tracking in adverse weather with millimeter-wave radar sensors.
  • Nikita Jaipuria, research scientist for computer vision and machine learning, and Rohan Bhasin, research engineer, both at Ford Motor Company, will discuss in their April 2 session how to leverage generative adversarial networks to create synthetic data for autonomous vehicle training and validation.
  • Zejia Zheng and Jeff Pyke, software engineers at Zoox, will outline the Zoox TensorRT conversion pipeline to optimize deep neural network deployment on high-performance NVIDIA GPUs.

Virtual Hands-On Training

Developers will also get a chance to dive deeper into autonomy with NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute courses as well as interact virtually with experts in autonomous vehicle development.

DLI will offer a variety of instructor-led training sessions addressing the biggest developer challenges in areas such as autonomous vehicles, manufacturing and robotics. Receive intensive instruction on topics such as autonomous vehicle perception and sensor integration in our live sessions this April.

Get detailed answers to all your development questions in our Connect with Experts sessions on intelligent cockpits, autonomous driving software development and validation and more with NVIDIA’s in-house specialists.

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