Get Up to Speed: Five Reasons Not to Miss NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang’s GTC Keynote Sept. 20

by Claudia Cook

Natural language understanding, the metaverse and the 3D internet, new gaming technology, and advanced AI technologies impacting industries as varied as transportation, healthcare, finance and entertainment are all coming your way. From advances in robotics to supercomputers and hyperscale data centers, the brightest minds in science, industry and the public sector will discuss the latest breakthroughs at GTC.

NVIDIA founder and CEO Jensen Huang’s keynote at NVIDIA GTC on Tuesday, Sept. 20, is the best way to get ahead of all these trends.

NVIDIA’s virtual technology conference, which takes place Sept. 19-22, sits at the intersections of business and technology, science and the arts in a way no other event can.

This GTC will focus on neural graphics — which bring together AI and visual computing to create stunning new possibilities — the metaverse, an update on large language models, and the changes coming to every industry with the latest generation of recommender systems.

The free online gathering features speakers from every corner of industry, academia and research.

Speakers include Johnson & Johnson CTO Rowena Yao; Boeing Vice President Linda Hapgood; Polestar COO Dennis Nobelius; Deutsche Bank CTO Bernd Leukert; UN Assistant Secretary-General Ahunna Eziakonwa; UC San Diego distinguished professor Henrik Christensen, and hundreds more.

For those who want to get hands on, GTC features developer sessions for newbies and veteran developers.

Two-hour training labs are included for those who sign up for a free conference pass. Those who want to dig deeper can sign up for one of 21 full-day virtual hands-on workshops at a special price of $149, and for group purchases of more than five seats, we are offering a special of $99 per seat.

Finally, GTC offers networking opportunities that bring together people working on the most challenging problems of our time from all over the planet.

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