NVIDIA GTC Showcases Next Wave of AI Innovators

Join the virtual conference to learn how companies like Verizon, Polestar and Fox Sports are creating services, enhancing efficiency and reducing costs with AI.
by Ben Oliveri

Whether improving customer service or making life-saving medical discoveries, companies across the world are using AI to create new services, find efficiencies and save costs.

NVIDIA GTC, a technology conference for the era of AI and the metaverse, will bring together students, developers, researchers, creators, IT professionals and business leaders to explore how AI, data science and computer graphics are reshaping the world.

The free online event, running Sept. 19-22, will feature talks from business leaders in telecommunications, automotive, entertainment and more. Learn from the brightest minds across industries about how to solve the world’s toughest challenges.

Register for GTC and build a schedule to join sessions delivered by executives from companies including Verizon, Polestar and Fox Sports.

Driving Innovation With AI 

Cutting-edge companies have moved beyond just introducing greater efficiency using AI — they’re now driving new innovation and business value with it.

Explore the latest AI technology developments and business breakthroughs by attending these featured sessions:

5G Killer App: Making Augmented and Virtual Reality a Reality

Extended reality, or XR, is one of the killer apps for 5G, since it requires ultra-low latency and large bandwidths. Learn how leaders from Verizon, AWS and Ericsson are collaborating to combine 5G and XR technology with NVIDIA GPUs, RTX vWS and CloudXR for commercial XR services.

The session will feature Brian Mecum, vice president of device technology at Verizon; Peter Linder, head of 5G marketing for North America at Ericsson; David Randle, global head of go to market for spatial computing at Amazon Web Services; and Veronica Yip, product manager and product marketing manager at NVIDIA.

Integrating AI Into the Polestar Driving Experience

Learn how Swedish electric vehicle manufacturer Polestar is using the NVIDIA DRIVE platform and other AI technologies to develop safe and intelligent features for human drivers.

Presented by Dennis Nobelius, chief operating officer at Polestar, the session will cover new capabilities to be integrated into the Polestar 3 vehicle, plus the company’s approach to producing a climate-neutral car by 2030.

MLB at Field of Dreams: A New Vision for the Future of Storytelling in Sports

Examine how technology and creativity came together to achieve one of sports broadcasting’s greatest visions: bringing baseball legends back to life for MLB at Field of Dreams.

The session will feature Micheal Davies, senior vice president of field operations at Fox Sports; Laura Herzing, executive producer, and Dan Pack, managing director at Silver Spoon; Rick Grandy, principal solutions architect, and Sepi Motamedi, head of global broadcast industry marketing at NVIDIA.

Accessing the Value of Infrastructure With Smart Spaces

Smart spaces have arrived, thanks to powerful AI-accelerated video analytics platforms and end-to-end solutions. Hear from leaders who are turning Internet of Things data into valuable solutions to boost the safety, operational efficiency and financial upside of infrastructure — with examples of smart spaces in airports, cities, roadways, stadiums and operational technology.

Featured speakers include Guy Elad, chief information officer and director at Tel Aviv Municipality; Rob Bence, director of the Airport Experience and Intelligent Airport Program at United Airlines; Mark Edmonds, manager of security capabilities at Sydney Trains; and Anne Dalton, developer relations manager for NVIDIA Metropolis.

Building Future-Ready Intelligence for Cars

The advanced driver assistance system of Lucid Motors’ flagship electric supercar, the Lucid Air, can continuously improve via over-the-air updates.

Learn from Michael Bell, senior vice president of digital at Lucid Motors, who’ll discuss how the company uses NVIDIA DRIVE to develop its software-defined platform — building and deploying new features to create a driving experience that’s always at the cutting edge.

From Cloud to Car: How NIO Develops Intelligent Vehicles

Electric automaker NIO is building next-generation software-defined vehicles with AI technology that spans from the cloud to the car.

Yuli Bai, head of AI platform at NIO, will cover the company’s end-to-end process, including using NVIDIA A100 Tensor Core GPUs to develop and deploy scalable AI networks to increase model development efficiency by 20x. With NVIDIA DRIVE Orin, NIO can then simultaneously run the models in the vehicle in real time.

How AT&T Supercharged Its Data Science Efforts

AT&T’s data science team will pull back the curtain on a series of use cases that have been accelerated using NVIDIA GPUs and AI.

Mark Austin, vice president of data science, and Jeremy Fix, assistant vice president of data science and AI at AT&T, will cover their analysis and use of NVIDIA tools and frameworks across different domains, as well as highlight efficiency gains and corresponding business impacts.

ILM: Leveraging AI in Visual Effects and StageCraft Virtual Production

Landis Fields, real-time principal creative at Industrial Light & Magic, will showcase how the visual effects company works with NVIDIA’s powerful AI-enabled DeepSearch tool to search through its massive asset library — as well as Omniverse Enterprise to provide filmmakers with photorealistic digital sets and environments that can be manipulated in real time.

Watch the GTC keynote by NVIDIA founder and CEO Jensen Huang on Tuesday, Sept. 20, at 8 a.m. PT.