HARMAN to Deliver Immersive In-Vehicle Experience With NVIDIA DRIVE IX

Multi-domain in-vehicle infotainment to use next-gen AI solutions.
by Katie Burke

Breakthroughs in centralized, high performance computing aren’t just opening up new functionality for autonomous driving, but for the in-vehicle experience as well.

With the introduction of NVIDIA DRIVE Thor, automakers can build unified AI compute platforms that combine advanced driver-assistance systems and in-vehicle infotainment. The centralized NVIDIA DRIVE architecture supports novel features in the vehicle, including the ability to support content across multiple displays.

HARMAN, a global leader in rich, connected in-vehicle solutions, will be working with the NVIDIA DRIVE platform to develop multi-domain infotainment solutions. HARMAN is using the DRIVE IX intelligent experience software stack to bring immersive cinematic experiences to every seat in the vehicle, including with individual sound zones for personalized audio.

U.S. drivers collectively whiled away 3.6 billion hours in their vehicles last year, according to a study from INRIX. With AI-assisted automated-driving systems, these hours can become valuable downtime.

Electric vehicle charging could also add to time spent in vehicles, as owners wait for their car to charge during longer trips. Current EVs take at least 30 minutes to charge — making it a prime opportunity to catch up on the latest video game release.

With the high performance of NVIDIA DRIVE and the open DRIVE IX platform, HARMAN can build and deploy multi-domain features that will turn personal vehicles into an entirely new living space.

Sit Back and Relax

HARMAN’s innovative technologies combine and orchestrate various in-vehicle domains, such as cockpit, sound, telematics and cloud services to create personalized, road-ready solutions that meet the demands of automakers and their customers.

With this curated approach, HARMAN delivers consumer experiences at automotive grade, including premium car audio, connectivity and visualization solutions that create meaningful experiences for consumers.

DRIVE IX enables HARMAN to make every screen — whether in the cockpit or the rear passenger seats — display high-resolution video content, as well as 3D audio, creating a virtual concert hall.

HARMAN’s long-term expertise in both the consumer and automotive categories uniquely positions it to bolster the use of vehicles as a living space.

With the open, flexible and high-performance DRIVE platform, HARMAN is poised to completely transform the vehicle experience, turning rush-hour dread into a thing of the past.