NVIDIANs Donate $1.9 Million to Support Turkey and Syria Quake Victims

by Liz Austin

More than $1.9 million in employee donations and company matching has been donated so far by NVIDIANs from around the globe to support victims of the recent devastating earthquakes in Turkey and Syria, which killed more than 50,000, injured many more and left countless homeless.

The temblors collapsed buildings, schools and hospitals — destroying basic infrastructure and leaving thousands destitute. In response, employees also coordinated a collection drive for much-needed items like heaters, sleeping bags, baby products and more. They also organized opportunities for NVIDIA engineers to volunteer their time and skills to aid local relief projects.

How Employees Give Back 

Giving back to our communities has been an integral part of NVIDIA’s culture since its founding 30 years ago.

Project Inspire, an event formerly hosted once a year for employees to come together to volunteer on one large project, eventually grew into Inspire 365, a global program that empowers NVIDIANs to give back year-round in the ways, and to the causes, that are most meaningful to them.

Through matching gifts, flexible time off for volunteering and a variety of activities and tools, Inspire 365 helps every NVIDIAN get involved and make a difference.

Each employee receives $2,500 per year to match their personal financial and volunteer-time donations to the causes closest to their hearts.

Over five weeks this past holiday season, NVIDIANs around the world came together to make a difference by using their superpower — kindness. In their efforts to lift those around them, employees logged 6,800 volunteer hours, contributed more than $4.2 million in donations and company matching, and supported nearly 2,100 charities across 33 countries.

In all, NVIDIANs and the company contributed $22.5 million in charitable giving and supported more than 5,800 nonprofits in 55 countries last fiscal year.

Learn more about the NVIDIA Foundation and how it empowers NVIDIANs to give back and get involved in their communities.