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by Joanne Chang

Intelligent video analytics — which transforms complex video data into actionable insights — is helping drive efficiency and business growth for every industry.

IVA technology is at the forefront of the AI-IoT revolution and edge computing. And thanks to the real-time processing capabilities of NVIDIA GPUs, IVA systems can be deployed faster, at scale and achieve greater accuracy.

To learn about the future of IVA, GTC Digital has free registration, training sessions, talks and opportunities to connect directly with NVIDIA experts. Starting on Tuesday, March 24, this content will be available live and on demand. For primarily IVA topics, this schedule is recommended.

Learn from AI experts and leaders across a wide variety of sectors — from city planning, retail and manufacturing, to industrial, logistics and healthcare — about how IVA is streamlining business processes and operations.

Participants can choose from a library of talks, panel discussions, research posters and demos detailing the latest AI, machine learning, IoT, IVA, HPC and deep learning — all online.

Live Talk for Intelligent Video Analytics

For developers looking for a suite of tools to build applications such as smart parking, infrastructure monitoring, disaster relief, retail analytics or logistics, don’t miss out on this live webinar and Q&A session — NVIDIA Tools to Train, Build and Deploy Intelligent Vision Applications at the Edge [S22110]. Chintan Shah, product manager at NVIDIA, will present how to use pre-trained models, adapt them to your unique use case, and deploy in real-time IVA applications. The session will be live March 26 at 2 pm Pacific time.

Connect with Experts

Given the diversity of use cases and complexity to deploy applications from edge to cloud, developers may find it time consuming to fine-tune deep neural networks from scratch. And they can face challenges in deploying IVA systems at scale. During GTC Digital, developers can get one-on-one time with NVIDIA engineers and researchers during scheduled “office hours.”

On-Demand Content

During GTC Digital, attendees can explore on-demand content that covers the latest IVA developments. New content will be announced every Thursday, starting March 26, including sessions related to IVA, such as:

Smart cities — Urban planners use IVA to extract data and glean insights from trillions of sensors and other IoT devices to help maintain city infrastructure and improve public services for residents and communities.

Retail — Retailers increasingly use IVA in their operations for applications such as smart check-out, store analytics and smart customer relationship management.

  • Steve Gu, CEO and cofounder of AiFi Inc., will demonstrate how his company’s autonomous store platform can provide a turnkey solution for retailers.
  • Christoph Schwerdtfeger, head of AI at Signatrix, will present how his Berlin-based startup uses NVIDIA DeepStream to deploy deep learning systems that reduce shrinkage at some of the largest grocery store chains in Europe.

Industrial and Manufacturing — Optical inspection is also used in the industrial sector and on factory floors to optimize efficiency of complex assemblies, assist inspection processes, increase product quality and reduce cost of rework.

  • Xiaoqing Ge, senior innovation engineer at Baker Hughes, will discuss how his company deploys advanced deep learning technologies on a mobile oil field analytics platform for real-time computer vision capabilities.
  • In the talk “Smart Factory: How AI Enables Smart Manufacturing,” Andrew Lee, executive director at Wistron, will discuss the end-to-end solution behind an AI PaaS environment for training and deploying AI-powered functionalities for defect detection in automatic optical inspection.

Sports Analytics — IVA plays an important role for AI-powered sports analytics systems that track and analyze the movement of players and different parameters, such as speed and angle of the ball. It helps professional sports teams win more matches and provides more context to consumers during broadcasts.

  • Oleksandr Dolgaryev, CTO at Quantum, will demonstrate its football analytics platform that includes player and ball detection and tracking, intricate preprocessing steps, and various player and game statistics calculations.

Online Learning

Developers can also sign up for hands-on training courses in AI, accelerated computing and accelerated data science from the NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute. Developers, data scientists, researchers and students can get practical experience powered by NVIDIA GPUs in the cloud and earn a certificate of competency to support professional growth. Courses related to IVA and deep learning include:

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