Where to Learn About AI, Machine Learning and Deep Learning

NVIDIA GTC offers more than 200 introductory sessions into these topics.
by Angie Lee

AI, which is transforming multibillion-dollar industries, is often underpinned by machine learning and deep learning.

But what do those terms even mean — and how are they applied?

A quick online search will pull up an explainer on machine learning. And the NVIDIA AI Podcast episode on deep learning 101 is the most-listened to in the podcast’s history.

However, if you just can’t get enough on these topics, NVIDIA GTC is the place to learn more, whether at an introductory or expert level. The global conference, running online March 21-24, brings together leading experts in AI to discuss what’s new and upcoming in the industry.

Learning Day kicks off the conference on Monday, March 21, with a day full of sessions for emerging developers and anyone looking for more knowledge on machine learning, deep learning and other AI-related topics.

7 Places to Learn About AI, Fast

Here’s a sampling of GTC sessions to help fill your AI toolbox:

  • Deep Learning Demystified: Learn the fundamentals of accelerated data analytics, high-level use cases and problem-solving methods — and how deep learning is transforming every industry.
  • 5 Steps to Building a Career in Artificial Intelligence: Hear from a panel of experts who will offer insights into their AI journeys and discuss the top five most practical steps to take when beginning a career in AI.
  • Introduction to “Learning Deep Learning”: Get an introduction to the NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute’s book, Learning Deep Learning, published by Pearson last year. The book is a complete guide to deep learning for people with programming experience.
  • Getting Started with Edge AI on Jetson: Find out how to train customized models and deploy AI-powered applications to edge devices and autonomous robots.
  • Introduction to Autonomous Vehicles: Discover how AI transforms everything that moves — with an overview of how a car can sense, plan and act without a human at the wheel.
  • Introduction to AI in the Data Center: Start your journey to AI and GPU computing in the data center by learning related terminology, concepts and history — and become familiar with NVIDIA software architecture.
  • How CUDA Programming Works: Learn about CUDA, a parallel computing platform and programming model built hand-in-hand with the hardware that it runs on. Get tips on how to think about a solution in a way that will run well on a GPU, and see how CUDA is designed to run it that way.

GTC is also the perfect opportunity to grow and enhance your skills with hands-on, instructor-led training through the NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute, or DLI, which offers resources for diverse learning needs — from self-paced and live training to educator programs.

Register for GTC and access two-hour DLI workshops for free. Or purchase and complete a full-day workshop to earn a DLI certificate demonstrating your subject-matter competency.

Learn more about DLI resources and NVIDIA Academy courses for IT professionals.

Listen to the NVIDIA AI Podcast episode on deep learning: