Family Style: Li Auto L9 Brings Top-Line Luxury and Intelligence to Full-Size SUV With NVIDIA DRIVE Orin

The electric vehicle delivers intuitive, intelligent experiences for every passenger with high-performance sensors and AI compute.
by Katie Burke

Finally, there’s a family car any kid would want to be seen in.

Beijing-based startup Li Auto this week rolled out its second electric vehicle, the L9. It’s a full-size SUV decked out with the latest intelligent driving technology.

With AI features and an extended battery range of more than 800 miles, the L9 promises to elevate the playing field for luxury family vehicles.

Li Auto is deploying its newest automated driving features with the expansion of its vehicle lineup, using a software-defined compute platform built on two NVIDIA DRIVE Orin systems-on-a-chip (SoCs).

With more than 500 trillion operations per second (TOPS), the L9’s compute platform can run various deep neural networks simultaneously and in real time, all while ensuring the redundancy and diversity necessary for safety.

First-Class Safety and Security

As a top-line luxury model, the L9 sports only the best when it comes to AI-assisted driving technology.

All Li Auto vehicles come standard with the electric automaker’s advanced driver assistance system, Li AD Max. To achieve surround perception, the system uses one forward-facing lidar, 11 cameras, one radar and 12 ultrasonic sensors, as well as DRIVE Orin SoCs.

In addition to handling the large number of applications and deep neural networks necessary for autonomous driving, DRIVE Orin is architected to achieve systematic safety standards such as the ISO 26262 ASIL-D. Its dual processors provide fallback redundancies for each other, further ensuring safe operation.

The L9’s high-performance sensors also enable round-the-clock security features, monitoring both the car’s interior and exterior.

Innovative Infotainment

Inside the vehicle, five 3D-capable screens transform the in-cabin experience.

In the cockpit, a combined head-up display and confidence view enhance safety for the person driving. The head-up display projects key driving information onto the front windshield, and the interactive visualization feature of the vehicle’s perception system is located above the steering wheel, keeping the driver’s attention on the road.

The L9’s screens for central control, passenger entertainment and rear cabin entertainment are 15.7-inch, 3K-resolution, automotive-grade OLED displays that deliver first-class visual experiences for every occupant.

Passengers can also interact with the intelligent in-cabin system via interior sensors and natural language processing.

Designed to optimize all driver and passenger experiences, the L9 represents the top of the line for luxury family vehicles.