Gen AI Healthcare Accelerated: Dozens of Companies Adopt Meta Llama 3 NIM

Meta’s open large language model — optimized and downloadable as an NVIDIA NIM — powers digital health and life sciences workflows.
by Brad Genereaux

Meta Llama 3, Meta’s openly available state-of-the-art large language model — trained and optimized using NVIDIA accelerated computing — is dramatically boosting healthcare and life sciences workflows, helping deliver applications that aim to improve patients’ lives.

Now available as a downloadable NVIDIA NIM inference microservice at, Llama 3 is equipping healthcare developers, researchers and companies to innovate responsibly across a wide variety of applications. The NIM comes with a standard application programming interface that can be deployed anywhere.

For use cases spanning surgical planning and digital assistants to drug discovery and clinical trial optimization, developers can use Llama 3 to easily deploy optimized generative AI models for copilots, chatbots and more.

At COMPUTEX, one of the world’s premier technology events, NVIDIA today announced that hundreds of AI ecosystem partners are embedding NIM into their solutions.

More than 40 of these adopters are healthcare and life sciences startups and enterprises using the Llama 3 NIM to build and run applications that accelerate digital biology, digital surgery and digital health.

Advancing Digital Biology

Techbio and pharmaceutical companies, along with life sciences platform providers, use NVIDIA NIM for generative biology, chemistry and molecular prediction. With the Llama 3 NIM for intelligent assistants and NVIDIA BioNeMo NIM microservices for digital biology, researchers can build and scale end-to-end workflows for drug discovery and clinical trials.

Deloitte is driving efficiency for garnering data-based insights from gene to function for research copilots, scientific research mining, chemical property prediction and drug repurposing with its Atlas AI drug discovery accelerator, powered by the NVIDIA BioNeMo, NeMo and Llama 3 NIM microservices.

Transcripta Bio harnesses Llama 3 and BioNeMo for accelerated intelligent drug discovery. Its proprietary artificial intelligence modeling suite, Conductor AI, uses its Drug-Gene Atlas to help discover and predict the effects of new drugs at transcriptome scale.

Bolstering Clinical Trials

Quantiphi — an AI-first digital engineering company and an Elite Service Delivery Partner in the NVIDIA Partner Network — is using NVIDIA NIM to develop generative AI solutions for clinical research and development, diagnostics and patient care. These innovations are enabling organizations to save substantial cost, enhance workforce productivity and improve patient outcomes.

ConcertAI is advancing a broad set of translational and clinical development solutions within its CARA AI platform. The company has integrated the Llama 3 NIM to support population-scale patient matching to clinical trials, study automation and research site copilots with real-time insights and model management for large-scale AI applications.

Mendel AI is developing clinically focused AI solutions that can understand nuances in medical data at scale to provide actionable insights, with applications across clinical research, real-world evidence generation and cohort selection. It has deployed a fine-tuned Llama 3 NIM for its Hypercube copilot, offering a 36% performance improvement. Mendel is also exploring potential use cases with Llama 3 NIM to extract clinical information from patient records and to translate natural language into clinical queries.

Improving Digital Surgery

The operating room is bolstered by AI and the latest digital technologies, too.

Activ Surgical is using Llama 3 to accelerate development of its AI copilot and augmented-reality solution for real-time surgical guidance. The company’s ActivSight technology, which allows surgeons to view critical physiological structures and functions, aims to reduce surgical complication rates, improving patient care and safety.

Enhancing Digital Health

Generative AI-powered digital health applications enhance patient-doctor interactions, helping to improve patient outcomes and deliver more efficient healthcare.

Precision medicine company SimBioSys recently downloaded the Llama 3 NIM to help analyze a breast cancer patient’s diagnosis and tailor guidance for the physician regarding the patient’s unique characteristics.

Artisight, a startup focused on smart hospital transformation, uses Llama 3 to automate documentation and care coordination in all its clinical locations with ambient voice and vision systems.

AITEM, which offers medical and veterinary AI diagnostic solutions, is building healthcare-specific chatbots with the model.

And Abridge, which offers a generative AI platform for clinical conversations, is using the NIM to build a physician-patient encounter summarization solution.

Transcripta Bio, Activ Surgical, SimBioSys, Artisight, AITEM and Abridge are all members of NVIDIA Inception, a free program that helps startups evolve faster through cutting-edge technology, opportunities to connect with venture capitalists and access to the latest technical resources from NVIDIA.

The NVIDIA NIM collection of inference microservices is available with NVIDIA AI Enterprise, a software platform that streamlines development and deployment of production-grade copilots and other generative AI applications.

Download the Meta Llama 3 NIM now and learn more about how generative AI is reshaping healthcare and other industries by joining NVIDIA at COMPUTEX, running through June 7 in Taipei, Taiwan.

Watch NVIDIA founder and CEO Jensen Huang’s COMPUTEX keynote in replay: