Driving on Air: Lucid Group Builds Intelligent EVs on NVIDIA DRIVE

Luxury electric vehicles feature DreamDrive Pro driver assistance system with high-performance AI compute.
by Danny Shapiro

Lucid Group may be a newcomer to the electric vehicle market, but its entrance has been grand.

The electric automaker announced at GTC that its current and future fleets are built on NVIDIA DRIVE Hyperion for programmable, intelligent capabilities. By developing on the scalable, software-defined platform, Lucid ensures its vehicles are always at the cutting edge, receiving continuous improvements over the air.

The EV maker recently launched its first vehicle, the Lucid Air, late last year to widespread acclaim. The luxury sedan won MotorTrend’s 2022 Car of the Year, with industry-leading battery range and fast charging.

And Lucid isn’t stopping there — the automaker recently announced Project Gravity, a long-range electric SUV slated for launch in 2024.

A defining feature of the Lucid Air is the DreamDrive Pro advanced driver assistance system — standard on Dream Edition and Grand Touring trims, optional on other models — which leverages the high-performance compute of NVIDIA DRIVE to provide a seamless automated driving experience.

Future-Ready Intelligence

DreamDrive Pro is designed to continuously improve via over-the-air software updates, with the scalable and high-performance AI compute of NVIDIA DRIVE at the center of the system.

It uses a rich suite of 14 cameras, one lidar, five radars and 12 ultrasonics for robust automated driving and intelligent cockpit features.

In addition to a diversity of sensors, Lucid’s dual-rail power system and proprietary Ethernet Ring offer a high degree of redundancy for key systems, such as braking and steering.

“The seamless integration of the software-defined NVIDIA DRIVE platform provides a powerful basis for Lucid to further enhance what DreamDrive can do in the future — all of which can be delivered to vehicles over the air,” said Mike Bell, Senior Vice President of Digital, Lucid Group.

Together, Lucid and NVIDIA will support these intelligent vehicles, enhancing the customer experience with new functions throughout the life of the car.

A DreamDrive Come True

Lucid plans to build on its success in deploying industry-leading electric vehicles, continuing to develop on NVIDIA DRIVE for future generations.

By starting with a programmable, high-performance compute architecture in the Lucid Air, the automaker can take advantage of the scalability of NVIDIA DRIVE and always incorporate the latest AI technology as it expands with more models.

The ability to continuously deliver innovative and exciting features to its vehicles will have Lucid customers driving on air.