Shaping the Future of Entertainment at GTC

by Rick Champagne

Technologies like AI, game engines and XR are transforming creativity, even while professionals are working remotely. From virtual production to AI-powered digital humans, artists and designers are expanding boundaries for content creation — and you can experience it all at the GPU Technology Conference, taking place October 5-9.

Explore the newest techniques in art and technology, from creating realistic renderings with NVIDIA RTX to using AI for content creation. Learn from industry experts how they’re using GPUs to accelerate workflows.

And get the latest news and updates on NVIDIA Omniverse, our computer graphics and simulation platform that’s enabling creatives to simplify collaborative studio workflows with their favorite applications.

Here’s a taste of the kinds of sessions you can see at GTC:

  • Using Virtual Workstations to Create Blockbuster Visual Effects: Join this session to learn how DNEG, a world-renowned creative studio whose work includes Men in Black: International and Netflix’s Altered Carbon, enabled artists to access creative applications over virtual workstations.
  • Rendering Games with Millions of Ray-Traced Lights: See NVIDIA’s latest research on reservoir spatiotemporal importance resampling (ReSTIR), an algorithm that makes it possible to effectively sample from millions of area lights with just a few rays per pixel and produce results that can be easily denoised.
  • Virtual Production with Cine Tracer: Join live-action cinematographer Matt Workman in this talk and demonstration on previsualization and virtual production using Cine Tracer and Unreal Engine. He’ll break down how the app works and explain the core technology that makes it all possible.
  • XR Sports Broadcasting: BT will share a new project focused on XR sports delivered over 5G using edge GPUs paired with the NVIDIA CloudXR platform. Learn how the platform can help enable higher-definition extended reality and volumetric video experiences for live sports and performances.
  • Unreal Engine + RTX from a Filmmaker’s Perspective: Join visionary filmmaker HaZ Dulull for this discussion on how Unreal Engine combined with NVIDIA RTX can enable creatives to tell high-concept stories that weren’t previously possible without huge budgets and resources. Dulull will share insights from the point of view of a hands-on director on the animated feature film, “Mutant Year Zero.”
  • The Future of GPU Rendering and Real-Time Ray Tracing: Join Jules Urbach, CEO and co-founder of OTOY, as he shares how GPU rendering will impact gaming, VFX, media and design. See how the future of media lies in holographics, lightfield technologies and real-time rendering, and learn how OTOY is working to help drive that future.
  • Live Mixed Reality for Broadcast Production: Learn how the team at The Future Group has leveraged GPUs and games engine technology to build a new way of producing live broadcast content, enabling producers and content owners to give viewers never-before-seen experiences.
  • The Future of Location Based Entertainment: Join HP, Zero Latency, Dreamscape, Double Eye Studios and Digital Domain as they discuss the changes that the worldwide pandemic caused in the industry and how they are adapting by using VR to connect with audiences.
  • Automating 3D Content Creation with AI: Learn how artists can use AI to enhance the content creation process and design high-quality 3D assets.
  • Disguise and NVIDIA Powering the World’s Greatest Live Entertainment and Virtual Production: One of the world’s leaders in live event visualization technology, disguise, will take you on a deep dive into real-time AR and virtual production technologies.
  • AI for Detailed Human Body Understanding: Get an exclusive look at a series of our work focused on a detailed understanding of the human body from monocular RGB images. Learn about our deep learning methods for body pose estimation, hand pose estimation, eye gaze estimation and more.

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