How Developers Can Construct the Future of Generative AI at Microsoft Build 2024

by Uttara Kumar

In every industry, enterprises are looking to boost productivity, fuel creativity and unlock new ways of operating using advanced language models.

At Microsoft Build, developers creating the applications to drive these efforts can learn how NVIDIA and Microsoft collaborate to make every layer of the generative AI stack work well together.

This includes everything from core data-center-scale AI infrastructure to tools and microservices that boost developer productivity to optimizing the foundation models that serve as the building blocks for generative AI.

Attendees of Microsoft’s flagship developer event, set to take place in Seattle from May 21-23, can immerse themselves in sessions to see the full-stack NVIDIA AI platform in action and engage with technical demos and AI experts in the NVIDIA booth to learn how to kick-start their journey on Microsoft Azure.

Building on a History of Full-Stack Collaboration

At Microsoft Build, NVIDIA will extend the collaboration it announced with Microsoft at GTC in March by bringing forth new advancements and showcasing how developers can put the technology to use to build cutting-edge applications.

At GTC, the companies unveiled a series of integrations across the full stack for generative AI with the aim of driving innovation to new heights. This includes Microsoft’s adoption of the NVIDIA Grace Blackwell GB200 Superchip to enable the deployment of trillion-parameter-scale large language models on Azure AI as well as the availability of NVIDIA DGX Cloud, to train, tune and evaluate generative AI, and of NVIDIA NIM microservices, to easily create and deploy generative AI applications — both on Azure Marketplace.

Also, Microsoft’s Phi-3 Mini models have been optimized for inference on NVIDIA GPUs and are available as NVIDIA NIM microservices that can be deployed anywhere. Microsoft Azure is the first cloud platform to host NVIDIA Omniverse Cloud, a platform-as-a-service that provides enterprises instant access to a full-stack environment for designing, developing and deploying industrial digitalization applications.

NVIDIA and Microsoft are also spearheading generative AI innovation for Windows developers, empowering them to harness next-level AI performance on RTX GPUs across PCs and workstations. The NVIDIA RTX AI platform includes tools and SDKs to help Windows developers easily create innovative generative AI solutions.

Learn about these initiatives and more from NVIDIA experts at these Microsoft Build sessions:

  • Accelerate Development and Deployment of Gen AI With NVIDIA on Azure: Explore how NVIDIA’s latest innovations, including NIM and NeMo microservices, simplify the development and deployment of generative AI applications at scale, seamlessly integrated with Microsoft Azure AI Studio.
  • Quickly Deploy NVIDIA-Optimized Generative AI on Azure AI Studio: Join this online session to see a hands-on demonstration of how to access a variety of foundational models with performance-optimized microservices to test and pilot LLMs and then swiftly deploy them on Azure AI Studio or AKS.
  • Accelerating Development on Windows PCs With RTX AI: Dive into the capabilities of the NVIDIA RTX AI platform on Windows PCs, where it facilitates streamlined development, accelerates AI model fine-tuning and empowers the creation of exceptionally fast AI applications for consumers.
  • Imagine a New Era of Digitalization in Manufacturing With NVIDIA: Join Microsoft and NVIDIA experts to explore how advanced digital twin tools and applications developed on NVIDIA Omniverse and Microsoft Azure are enabling engineers and developers to design, test, validate and optimize line configurations and automation in physically accurate simulation before deploying to the factory.

Visit NVIDIA booth FP28 to experience the power of NVIDIA NIM and NVIDIA Omniverse through live demos and see the NVIDIA RTX AI platform in action on Windows PCs. Chat with the company’s experts to dive deeper into the technology and learn how developers can get started.

NVIDIA is also hosting a Developer Showcase at Microsoft Build on May 22. Sign up to hear from fellow developers about their innovative generative AI solutions built using NVIDIA AI software on Azure.