World’s Most Powerful Mobile Workstations Launch with NVIDIA Quadro RTX, Delivering AI, Ray Tracing, VR

New mobile workstations from global OEMs offer desktop-level performance for millions of designers on the go.
by Sandeep Gupte

Creative and technical professionals can now access the latest advancements in photorealistic rendering, AI and VR while on the go, with the new lineup of NVIDIA Quadro RTX-powered mobile workstations.

At the annual Computex conference in Taipei, NVIDIA today announced a full range of Turing architecture-based Quadro GPUs for mobile workstations from global system providers such as Dell, HP, Lenovo and MSI.

Featuring Quadro RTX 5000, 4000 and 3000 GPUs — the world’s most powerful GPUs — the new mobile workstations are built to deliver desktop-level performance and capabilities in a mobile form factor.

Artists, designers, architects and engineers routinely work away from the office, at customer sites or on the road. Whether creating high-quality video content, working with complex 3D designs or visualizing massive architectural datasets, they need a reliable, high-performance computer that keeps them in the creative flow, no matter where they’re working.

The Quadro RTX mobile workstations ensure that professionals get the best possible experience when working with the latest design, engineering and creative applications from leading software providers such as Autodesk, Adobe, Dassault Systemes, Siemens, PTC, Chaos Group, Ansys, ESRI, Schlumberger and many more.

They’re made possible by combining RTX-powered real-time photorealistic rendering, AI acceleration, 8K video editing and VR with massive GPU memory — up to 16GB — all packed in sleek and reliable system designs.

The new lineup of mobile workstations also features Quadro T2000, T1000, P620 and P520 GPUs, giving professionals the flexibility to choose the right system to meet the demands of their diverse workloads.

CannonDesign, KPF and RED Digital Cinema Rely on Power of RTX

Engineers, architects, artists and scientists are already experiencing dramatic benefits in their workflows using NVIDIA RTX technology on their desktop. With the introduction of Quadro RTX mobile workstations, professionals can now tap into the power of RTX from anywhere.

At CannonDesign, a global architecture, engineering and construction firm, the combination of advanced ray tracing and AI with large, ultra-fast GPU memory is expanding what’s possible within their design process.

“The RTX ray-tracing capabilities enable photorealistic reflections for spatial simulations, in ways one couldn’t even entertain before,” said Hilda Espinal, senior vice president and chief technology officer at CannonDesign. “Add to it the ability to handle some of our largest, highly detailed models and the technology translates into time savings and enhanced visual communications, creating new opportunities for real-time decision making.”

Courtesy of Kohn Pedersen Fox. Shr-Hwa International Tower, Hotel ONE Taichung, Taiwan © Chun Y Lai

Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates (KPF), an architecture firm based in New York, is using the power of RTX for interactive photorealistic rendering, enabling their designers to explore concepts and make changes on the fly.

“The real-time ray-tracing and AI capabilities inherent in Quadro RTX GPUs have transformed the way we as architects visualize and process the data for our designs,” said Cobus Bothma, director of applied research at KPF. “The ability to interact with physically accurate models in real time means we’re making smarter design decisions faster. Now, with the latest RTX mobile workstations, we are excited about the possibilities out in the field, further freeing us to focus on creating our best work while saving clients time and money.”

And RED Digital Cinema, a leading manufacturer of professional digital cinema cameras, leverages the advanced features of RTX GPUs to significantly enhance the user experience of video editing and production.

“From GPU decoding to real-time 8K editing, we continually work with NVIDIA to deliver a better experience for our customers. For most of them, the ability to view and edit video on location during filming is critical,” said Jarred Land, president at RED Digital Cinema. “With NVIDIA powered laptops, it’s incredible to finally be able to edit 8K video in real time from anywhere you may be thanks to the new RED R3D SDK enhancements and NVIDIA GPUs.”

Quadro Workstations Available from Global OEMs

Mobile workstations with the latest NVIDIA Quadro GPUs are certified on all industry-leading professional applications and are built with enterprise-grade quality and reliability standards. The new systems will start shipping in the second half of the year from global OEMs Dell, HP, Lenovo and MSI, as well as regional system builders.

Here’s what our partners are saying about Quadro RTX-powered mobile workstations:

“Dell workstations powered by Quadro RTX provide power, performance and reliability in one solution, offering cutting-edge technology like real-time ray tracing, AI acceleration and enhanced graphics performance. With the latest additions to our portfolios this week, NVIDIA and Dell are delivering the ultimate workstation experiences, allowing our customers to work efficiently and push their creativity to new heights.”

— Tom Tobul, vice president of Specialty Products, Client Solutions at Dell

“As creative workflows continue to evolve, NVIDIA Quadro RTX mobile GPUs meet the increasing needs of today’s creators. With Quadro RTX, Z workstations provide enhanced performance across the board, from accelerated rendering to photorealistic designs — so creators and designers can get desktop-level performance, no matter where they go.”

— Carol Hess, vice president of Worldwide Z by HP, at HP

“The new NVIDIA Quadro RTX GPUs for mobile workstations will push the boundaries of what’s possible for professionals across industries — both in the office and on the go. Lenovo is proud to support this new addition to the NVIDIA Quadro RTX portfolio — delivering the world’s most powerful mobile graphics card solution for professional workflows.”

— Rob Herman, general manager of Workstations and Client AI at Lenovo

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