Find Out How NVIDIA Brings AI Intelligence to Retail Stores, at NRF 2020

by Azita Martin

The convergence of AI, 5G and edge computing is unleashing unprecedented opportunities for retailers in areas like customer experience and smarter AI-enabled stores.

Attendees of NRF 2020, the world’s largest retail expo, taking place Jan. 12-14 in New York, can see how NVIDIA is working with some of the most innovative solution providers to re-invent the retail industry.

NVIDIA’s edge computing offerings are powering ready-to-use AI applications that reduce shrinkage, optimize logistics and create operational efficiencies.

The NVIDIA EGX edge computing platform enables retailers to scale the power of AI beyond data centers into local environments where data is gathered, such as in-store aisles, checkout counters and warehouses.

We’re partnering with over 100 software companies in the retail space. Among them is AnyVision (NRF booth 1727), whose Store Insight software generates intelligence about customer behavior inside stores to optimize merchandising decisions. It uses AI technology to measure store traffic, popular aisles and customer dwell time, giving retailers brick-and-mortar intelligence similar to that of online customer behavior.

Malong Technologies (NRF booth 133) offers its Asset Protection solution to reduce shrinkage at self-checkout stands by recognizing ticket-switching and mis-scans and notifying store associates to assist with the checkout process. Its product recognition offering recognizes produce to make the self-checkout process easier and faster for customers.

NVIDIA’s retail partners offer real-time edge compute abilities that can notify store associates to intervene during shrinkage, open new checkout counters when lines are getting long, and deliver the best customer shopping experiences.

Accessible AI applications like these are easy to deploy in a matter of weeks. For example, AiFi’s autonomous shopping platform provides a seamless store checkout process, allowing customers to walk into a store, grab the items they want and pay with their mobile phone on their way out. Its autonomous store also does live inventory management.

AnyVision, Malong Technologies and AiFi are all members of our startup accelerator program, NVIDIA Inception.

Postmates makes it easy for retailers to deliver merchandise to customers with their smart robots. The socially aware delivery robot, Serve, brings food to customers in dense urban areas, while keeping obstacles in check. Using AI at the edge, Postmates can scale and deploy a fleet of multiple robots for delivery.

Come meet with us at NRF to learn more about the NVIDIA EGX intelligent edge computing platform. Send us an email to request an on-site appointment.