NVIDIA RTX and AI Help Artists Combine Creativity and Technology at THU

NVIDIA and Lenovo have partnered with THU to support artists and discuss the advanced technologies impacting the industry.
by Rick Champagne

Artists from around the world are about to experience how technology is transforming creativity.

At the annual Trojan Horse Was a Unicorn (THU) event, in Malta on Sept. 25, artists will gather to learn the newest techniques in art and technology, from creating realistic renderings with NVIDIA RTX to using AI for content creation.

NVIDIA and Lenovo are partnering with THU to support artists in the industry and learn from attendees as they share the latest technologies and trends that impact how they make art.

NVIDIA Quadro RTX Powers Technology in the Classroom

THU attendees can join a variety of sessions that cover business and technical aspects of production, hands-on learning with production tools and emerging technology topics throughout the event.

New to THU this year is the Unreal Academy classroom, which features Epic Games’ Unreal Engine and Lenovo ThinkPad P53 workstations — the first commercially available 15-inch mobile workstation with NVIDIA Quadro RTX 5000 GPUs. Artists will get hands-on experience with real-time ray tracing and designing photorealistic graphics in Unreal Engine.

Attendees can learn the tools and techniques for creating fully immersive experiences through the VR classroom, powered by Oculus Rift S and Lenovo ThinkStations. The training will provide attendees with crucial experience in VR content creation.

There will also be a classroom focused on production tools like Autodesk’s Maya and Mudbox for 3D animation and digital sculpting. Attendees will walk away with 2D and 3D tips and tricks to help expand their creative skill sets.

A Different Side of AI in Media and Entertainment

AI isn’t just a buzzword — this technology is already changing the faces of many industries, including media and entertainment. THU will cover this shift with expert speakers in the field.

Rick Champagne, global media and entertainment industry manager at NVIDIA and named one of the knights of the THU event, will discuss how AI is enhancing human creativity. His session will decode the mysteries of deep learning and machine learning, as well as explore how this technology will impact the future of content creation and how artists will be able to take advantage of these new creative digital assistants.

Artist and creative technologist Scott Eaton is pushing the boundaries of how art is created, showing how AI is becoming more prevalent in media and entertainment workflows. At THU, Eaton will share his artistic experimentation using machine learning as a new creative medium for art. He’ll discuss his experience in creating powerful, but artistically controllable neural networks to use as tools to represent and abstract the human figure.

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This blog is written in partnership with Rob Hoffmann, senior media and entertainment manager at Lenovo. Image courtesy of Lenovo.