How NVIDIA RTX Is Taking Building Designs to New Heights

Creative studio Neoscape uses Quadro RTX 5000 GPUs to get the powerful performance, flexibility and mobility needed to render photorealistic images.
by Nicole Castro

By building interactive experiences for its clients, Neoscape, a Boston-based creative studio, is changing the landscape of architectural visualization with NVIDIA Quadro RTX.

With the latest advancements like ray tracing, enhanced VR head-mounted displays and real-time graphics engines, studios are under increasing pressure to provide high-quality designs and boost production workflows to meet their clients’ expectations.

The capabilities of the RTX are incomparable. — Carlos Cristerna, principal at Neoscape

Designers also travel frequently to review their work with clients, so they need a powerful computing device that helps them stay productive no matter where they are.

Neoscape is tackling this challenge by upgrading to NVIDIA Quadro RTX 5000.

RTX Transforms Mobility for Designers

Image courtesy of Neoscape.

In the studio, Carlos Cristerna, principal and Research and Development Lab (RAD Lab) director at Neoscape, uses a Lenovo ThinkStation P520 running on Quadro RTX 5000.

But when he needs to travel or meet with clients, Cristerna grabs Lenovo’s new RTX-powered ThinkPad P53 mobile workstation, so he can stay in his creative workflow while on the go.

The ThinkPad P53 is the first 15-inch mobile workstation from a major OEM to deliver the power of RTX 5000. Packing desktop-level performance into a mobile platform, these RTX-powered workstations allow Neoscape to work beyond the studio and bring real-time experiences to clients, so they can engage directly with the designs.

In his latest project, Cristerna is using RTX on assets based on 425 Park Avenue, an office building in New York City. He renders high-quality images of the building’s exterior and interior using Unreal Engine, which allows offline rendering so he can continue creating dazzling images even when he’s on the road.

The RTX 5000 enables advanced rendering and shading techniques like reflection, global illumination and occlusion — from the lighting and reflections to the materials and furniture. And Cristerna can make these changes in real time, so clients can see the results immediately.

Neoscape’s renders with NVIDIA RTX off (left) and RTX on (right).

“The RTX 5000 on the ThinkPad P53 boosts performance in a way I’ve never seen before, and it allows me to be completely mobile so I never have to stop working on designs while traveling from one place to another,” said Cristerna. “It’s an exciting first step into real-time, interactive technology — and the results are outstanding.”

See the Latest RTX Mobile Workstation at NXT BLD

Attendees as NXT BLD this week in London can experience the power of RTX at the Lenovo booth.

Cristerna will be the opening speaker for the Design Visualization sessions at NXT BLD. Stop by his talk, Harnessing the Power of Real-Time Ray Tracing, to learn more about how Neoscape uses RTX on ThinkPad mobile workstations.