NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang Kicks Off GTC With Keynote Tuesday

by Brian Caulfield

Think fast. Technology is changing the world more quickly than ever. And NVIDIA GTC brings together many of the people who are working to accelerate it.

The biggest highlight is NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang’s agenda-setting keynote on Tuesday, Nov. 9 at 9 a.m. Central Europe Time.

Huang will describe how the company is advancing AI for a variety of industries.

He’ll reveal the latest technology for enterprise and data center AI, conversational AI and natural-language processing, and AI at the edge in everything from robotics to healthcare to autonomous vehicles.

He’ll also explore new applications for virtual worlds and how NVIDIA is working with partners to build digital twins of factories, cities and entire regions.

The keynote anchors a conference with more than 500 curated sessions — available live with a Q&A or on-demand — covering just about every innovation that benefits from moving faster.

Industry leaders will touch on the most significant challenges of our time, from climate change, cybersecurity and supply chain issues to helping enterprises create more helpful AI services to fueling drug discovery.

Headline-grabbing speakers include Epic Games CEO and founder Tim Sweeney, Open AI co-founder and Chief Scientist Ilya Sutskever, Stanford Professor and deep learning pioneer Fei-Fei Li, VMware CTO Kit Colbert, and Walmart Director of Personalization and Recommendations Kannan Achan, and many more.

There will be sessions focused on 13 different industries, ranging from energy and retail to manufacturing, finance and healthcare.

And the free, virtual conference is a better experience than ever, with simple one-step registration, an integrated high-definition video player, playlists with meaningful content and a more visual experience.

We’ve packed GTC with interactive events. They include training sessions with our Deep Learning Institute, our AI Art Gallery and networking options for a growing array of communities.

Braindates will help attendees find and meet others who share their interests. The intimate one-on-one or group chats connect those interested in a broad range of topics for video calls throughout the event.

And the conference’s moderated Q&A capability lets attendees post live questions to moderators and speakers, giving them more opportunities to interact with industry leaders than ever.

Everything at next week’s GTC — from dazzling demos to hands-on training to insights from industry leaders — is designed to help participants move faster.

So get a move on. GTC registration is free and open to all. And there’s no need to register for GTC to watch the keynote.

Where to Watch

Mark the date — Nov. 9 at  9 a.m. Central Europe Time, with a rebroadcast at 8 am Pacific Time — on your calendar. Just point your browser to the GTC website to watch. See you there.