NVIDIA and HPE Deliver High-Performance Virtualization to Remote Workers

Enterprises can accelerate performance, enhance productivity for remote workflows with NVIDIA vGPU and HPE GreenLake for VDI.
by Nicola Sessions

The coronavirus pandemic pushed many organizations into quickly accommodating a remote work environment. But many IT departments didn’t have enough time to research how they could properly meet these needs while ensuring end users continued to have the computing experience they’d come to expect.

Now, the work-from-home environment appears to be here to stay, and enterprises must adapt to a new way of working. According to Gartner, 48 percent of employees will likely work remotely at least part of the time after COVID-19 pandemic, compared to 30 percent pre-pandemic.

Though when it comes to working remotely, there are a few challenges to keep in mind:

  • Performance. Professionals require more compute power as they boost their efficiency by using multiple and higher resolution monitors, and run multiple applications, most of which have become increasingly multimedia-rich.
  • Collaboration. With more people working remotely, and geographically dispersed, users need to find ways to collaborate more efficiently, such as with video conferencing.
  • Management. Deploying and managing a virtual desktop infrastructure environment — during a pandemic — can also be a challenge, especially for organizations that haven’t already deployed VDI.

To meet these challenges, organizations need solutions that help employees work from anywhere, on any device, with a performance that’s just as good as a physical workstation.

NVIDIA virtual GPU technology for virtual desktops and professional workstations, combined with HPE GreenLake for VDI, delivers graphics-accelerated performance from the data center and provides remote workers with an optimal user experience for any workload.

Improving the Remote Work Experience with VDI

With NVIDIA vGPU and HPE GreenLake, organizations can quickly get remote users up and running so they can be productive from any location.

HPE GreenLake for VDI is a turnkey offering that’s specifically designed for rapid deployment to data centers. This enables remote users to work more efficiently, enhance productivity and easily access high-performing virtual desktops and workstations from wherever they are.

Businesses using HPE GreenLake, which supports NVIDIA vGPU, get the flexibility and scalability that allows them to support more users and more powerful virtual machines to accommodate growing needs. And the solution is managed by HPE, helping enterprises free up IT resources for other opportunities.

Remote workers can use NVIDIA Virtual Workstations on HPE GreenLake to get the latest features for graphics and compute workloads, and run engineering, design and visual effects applications from major software makers. With support for NVIDIA RTX technology, even creative professionals can leverage tools for interactive ray tracing and AI-denoising to create photorealistic content.

With virtual desktops powered by NVIDIA Virtual PC on HPE GreenLake, knowledge workers will see a difference when running video conferencing features like screenshare or video activation. They can also run multiple productivity apps simultaneously and use multiple high-definition monitors.

In fact, benchmark results show NVIDIA Virtual PC users experience 40 percent lower latency and up to 33 percent higher frame rates compared to a CPU-only VDI experience.

Learn more about HPE GreenLake by watching the related GTC session on demand. And hear how customers like Honda are using NVIDIA virtual GPU-accelerated VDI on HPE servers to deliver powerful virtual workstations, which perform just like physical workstations, to designers and engineers working across the globe.