Step Up to a New Design Experience with NVIDIA Quadro RTX Powered Workstations

BOXX, Dell, HP, Lenovo showcase supercharged workstations with the latest ray-tracing, AI, VR and simulation technologies at SOLIDWORKS World.
by Andrew Rink

Working with photorealistic computer-aided design models in real time and 3D is a huge benefit for design teams. They can create, iterate and review designs faster, make better-informed decisions and save money in the process.

Yet it’s a benefit that wasn’t widely available until now.

This week at SOLIDWORKS World in Dallas, BOXX Technologies, Dell, HP Inc. and Lenovo unveiled lineups of NVIDIA Quadro RTX powered design workstations that bring industry-leading capabilities like real-time ray tracing, AI, VR and simulation to millions of designers and engineers. With Quadro RTX, nothing slows them down.

Take LYFE Motorsport, a Utah-based engineering services and custom fabrication firm that designs race cars and high-performance karts.

With AI-accelerated denoising in SOLIDWORKS Visualize CAD software, powered by the Tensor Cores of Quadro RTX 4000, LYFE Motorsport was able to get close-to-photorealistic renderings in one-tenth the time of a final photorealistic rendering.

“Rendering our models in a predictable way — seeing exactly what they will look like on the track — has been a huge help in deciding on design options far more quickly than we could before,” said Cole Powelson, founder of LYFE Motorsport. “Not only does the Quadro RTX 4000 running on an HP Z840 workstation give us a really smooth CAD experience with SOLIDWORKS, but that GPU makes SOLIDWORKS Visualize blazingly fast. It would be cool if we could divert some of that Quadro horsepower into our race car engines!”

For design reviews, LYFE Motorsport uses VR Ready Quadro RTX 6000 to ensure an unparalleled immersive VR experience. Exploring their designs in VR helps LYFE identify flaws and potential  modifications more intuitively than viewing the SOLIDWORKS model on a computer display. And with the introduction of SOLIDWORKS eDrawings Pro 2019 Direct VR, this process is quick and easy. See one of LYFE Motorsport’s race karts in the exhibit hall at SOLIDWORKS World, and try out NVIDIA Holodeck VR to see how a SOLIDWORKS Visualize model is exported to a photoreal VR environment.

SOLIDWORKS Gains Massive Performance Boost from Quadro RTX

NVIDIA and SOLIDWORKS are working closely to integrate RTX performance enhancements, including more CUDA cores, RT Cores, Tensor Cores and larger GPU memory. SOLIDWORKS users upgrading to Quadro RTX GPUs will see substantial improvements in workflows, including:

  • An optimized graphics pipeline resulting in a fluid CAD experience, even with large and complex models.
  • Ray tracing at an average of 5x faster than previous generations with an RTX-enabled, RT Core-accelerated SOLIDWORKS Visualize tech demo.
  • Unparalleled performance for immersive VR experiences with eDrawings Pro 2019 Direct VR.
  • SOLIDWORKS Visualize Pro 2019 export to NVIDIA Holodeck for photorealistic, multi-user collaboration in VR.
  • AI-accelerated denoising with Tensor Cores for fast, beautiful images in SOLIDWORKS Visualize.

“SOLIDWORKS users require the most compelling visualizations possible to inspire design confidence and transform their 3D CAD data into great products,” said Brian Hillner, Senior Product Portfolio Manager, SOLIDWORKS Visualization. “When coupled with Quadro RTX, SOLIDWORKS Visualize provides the fastest and easiest way to achieve photo real imagery, immersive environments and more — helping to cut costs and speed time to market.”

Industry Support for Quadro RTX Design Workstations

Visit the BOXX, Dell, HP and Lenovo booths at SWW and learn how designers and engineers now have access to these fast, easy-to-use visualization tools with Quadro RTX design workstations.

“Engineers and product designers need workstations that can effortlessly handle graphics-intensive workflows,” said Bill Leasure, vice president of marketing at BOXX. “With the addition of NVIDIA Quadro RTX technology, our new APEXX Enigma S3 is the SOLIDWORKS workstation reimagined. Not only does it accelerate 3D CAD faster than ever before, it also delivers optimal support for multi-GPU tasks.”

“We are excited to be working with NVIDIA to bring Quadro RTX solutions to the market on Dell Precision tower and rack workstations. This combination of rendering power and ray-tracing capabilities will enable the modernization of the engineering workflow for customers, boosting productivity and the quality of renders while reducing processing time and lowering manufacturing costs,” said Tom Tobul, vice president and general manager of Commercial Specialty Products, Client Solutions at Dell. “Dell Precision customers are already benefiting from powerful workstations to tackle any challenge, from complex 3D designs to simulation workloads. These GPU improvements will help technical design specialists work more efficiently and push their creative boundaries even further. We’ll be showcasing the capabilities of the NVIDIA Quadro RTX 4000 on the Dell booth at SOLIDWORKS World.”

“Our Z by HP workstations, powered by NVIDIA Quadro RTX professional graphics cards, are already in demand among professionals who focus on 3D CAD design, engineering, simulation and visualization,” said Carol Hess, global vice president of Z by HP Products at HP Inc. “SOLIDWORKS applications are certified for Z by HP — the ultimate 3D design and engineering workstation solution that empowers seamless end-to-end workflows.”

“While Lenovo workstations continue to evolve to meet the needs of today’s SOLIDWORKS users, we’re also examining future trends to ensure our portfolio can support the next generation of technology and hardware,” said Rob Herman, general manager of the Workstation & Client AI Group at Lenovo. “With that consideration, we are excited to announce our support and availability for NVIDIA Quadro RTX graphics technology. With Lenovo ThinkStations and NVIDIA Quadro RTX, SOLIDWORKS customers will get a performance boost across the board — from accelerated rendering to photorealistic ray tracing.”

Check out NVIDIA Quadro RTX and learn more about the latest features.