No Fueling Around: Designers Collaborate in Extended Reality on Porsche Electric Race Car

Demo showcases how NVIDIA CloudXR — combined with Autodesk VRED, Lenovo ThinkStations and Varjo XR-3 headsets — delivers advanced, collaborative, immersive design workflows.
by Nicole Castro

A one-of-a-kind electric race car revved to life before it was manufactured — or even prototyped — thanks to GPU-powered extended reality technology.

At the Automotive Innovation Forum in May, NVIDIA worked with Autodesk VRED to showcase a photorealistic Porsche electric sports car in augmented reality, with multiple attendees collaborating in the same immersive environment.

The demo delivered a life-size digital twin of the Porsche Mission R in AR and VR, which are collectively known as extended reality, or XR. Using NVIDIA CloudXR, Varjo XR-3 headsets and Lenovo Android tablets, audiences saw the virtual Porsche with photorealistic lighting and shadows.

All images courtesy of Autodesk.

Audiences could view the virtual race car side by side with a physical car on site. With this direct comparison, they witnessed the photorealistic nature of the AR model — from the color of the metals, to the surface of the tires, to the environmental lighting.

The stunning demo, which was shown through an Autodesk VRED collaborative session, ran on NVIDIA RTX-based virtual workstations.

There were two ways to view the demo. First, NVIDIA CloudXR streamed the experience to the tablets from a virtualized NVIDIA Project Aurora server, which was powered by NVIDIA A40 GPUs on a Lenovo ThinkStation SR670 Server. Attendees could also use Varjo headsets, which were locally tethered to NVIDIA RTX A6000 GPUs running on a Lenovo ThinkStation P620 workstation.

Powerful XR Technologies Behind the Streams

Up to five users at a time entered the scene, with two users wearing headsets to see the Porsche car in mixed reality, and three users on tablets to view the car in AR. Users were represented as avatars in the session.

With NVIDIA CloudXR, the forum attendees remotely streamed the photorealistic Porsche model. Built on NVIDIA RTX technology, CloudXR extends NVIDIA RTX Virtual Workstation software, which enables users to stream fully accelerated immersive graphics from a virtualized environment.

This demo used a virtualized Lenovo ThinkStation SR670 server to power NVIDIA’s Project Aurora — a software and hardware platform for XR streaming at the edge. Project Aurora delivers the horsepower of NVIDIA RTX A40 GPUs, so users could experience the rich, real-time graphics of the Porsche model from a machine room over a private 5G network.

Through server-based streaming with Project Aurora, multiple users from different locations were brought together to experience the demo in a single immersive environment. With the help of U.K.-based integrator The Grid Factory, Project Aurora is now available to be deployed in any enterprise.

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