At SOLIDWORKS World: See NVIDIA Quadro RTX-Powered SOLIDWORKS Visualize In Action

by Andrew Rink

The rendering performance of the latest NVIDIA Quadro RTX GPUs combined with SOLIDWORKS Visualize makes it even easier to import models from SOLIDWORKS and support realistic, physically based materials, lighting and environments — all on a user-friendly interface.

Attendees of SOLIDWORKS World in Dallas this week will get to see how first-hand.

Quadro RTX GPUs are designed for the most demanding visual computing workloads, such as those used in product and architectural design and visualization. They far surpass the previous generation with groundbreaking technologies like accelerated ray tracing, AI, advanced shading and simulation.

Stop by NVIDIA booth 1031 to see:

  • How Quadro RTX GPUs with real-time ray tracing and AI denoising produce instant photorealistic images in a tech demo of SOLIDWORKS Visualize built on NVIDIA Iray.
  • SOLIDWORKS Visualize running anywhere, on any client. NVIDIA Quadro Virtual Workstations on RTX-capable GPUs enable real-time interactive ray tracing and stronger security as the data resides in data center instead of physical machines.
  • Lightning-fast manipulation of large assemblies, even on mobile workstations. With Quadro GPUs, SOLIDWORKS 2019 delivers a major graphics performance boost: dynamic view operations are dramatically faster and users see full model detail and fewer dropped frames for no stutter or jitter when rotating large models.

Visit SOLIDWORKS booth 471 to see:

  • How the click of a button allows you to view models in VR using eDrawings Pro 2019 Direct VR. This new functionality is currently in beta and runs on NVIDIA RTX GPUs.
  • RTX-accelerated ray tracing through eDrawings with NVIDIA Iray. This proof-of-concept tech demo will show how photorealistic visualization can be added to any model displayed in eDrawings.
  • Smoother workflows and realistic graphics from the enhanced performance of a SOLIDWORKS Visualize tech demo, powered by NVIDIA Quadro RTX.

And in the new XR Zone in booth 833, learn:

  • How teams collaborate on SOLIDWORKS Visualize models with a single click using the stunning, high-performance immersive environment of NVIDIA Holodeck.

Check out NVIDIA Quadro RTX and learn more about the latest features.