Productivity in Full Display: Quadro View Helps Professionals Optimize Desktop Workspaces

by Sandeep Gupte

It’s time to put your comfort zone on display.

NVIDIA Quadro View, available now, enhances workspaces and boosts productivity by enabling professionals to manage their displays and arrange their workspaces in a way that best suits them.

Workspaces are vital to productivity because they set the tone for how people work. More and more, professionals across industries are tackling demanding workflows that require working simultaneously across multiple applications and windows.

They’re using more ultra-widescreen monitors, curved displays and multi-monitor setups to see all they need in one view. They’re also increasingly personalizing their workspace layout — from their desk space to the windows on screen — for easy access to the things they need.

The latest application in the NVIDIA Quadro Experience platform, Quadro View helps streamline workflows with a suite of desktop management tools to deliver maximum flexibility and control over displays.

With Quadro View, included with Quadro drivers or downloadable as a standalone app, users can easily customize their desktop layout, gaining full control over their displays so they can work more efficiently.

A View Designed to Fit the Way You Work

Quadro Experience provides users a range of productivity tools to choose from, including screen capture and desktop recording, so they can simplify time-consuming tasks.

Quadro View, easily launched from Quadro Experience, lets multitaskers streamline productivity even further through features like tailored workspaces with easy navigation, compatibility with top software applications, and powerful window management and deployment tools for a personalized desktop experience.

“Adjusting and organizing windows in my screen is a boring and often time-consuming daily task that takes time away from my work, especially when something changes in my workflow,” said Luis Paulo F. Mesquita, global macro financial portfolio manager at Venturestar Capital Management. “Quadro View’s simple drag-and-drop process saves precious minutes in my morning so I can get up and running in no time.”

Quadro View provides advanced capabilities that allow users to:

  • Divide workspaces using display gridlines and arrange applications to regions on monitors,  also known as window-snapping.
  • Save profiles based on personal workflows to deploy preset desktop and application configurations.
  • Specify how windows operate on desktops or display devices with advanced windows management.
  • Set up hotkeys to trigger actions and quickly access common functions.

Quadro View is available to download as a standalone application, and as a part of the latest Quadro Optimal Driver for Enterprise Release 450 U1, which includes advanced Quadro display features, added support for Windows 10 and new studio application updates.