Latest NVIDIA RTX Mobile Workstations Power Visual Computing Anywhere

by John Della Bona

Artists, designers and engineers across industries need the flexibility to work remotely — whether they’re on small design teams or in large enterprises.

The latest NVIDIA RTX GPU-powered systems from Acer, ASUS, BOXX, Dell, HP, Lenovo and MSI provide these professionals with advanced capabilities such as AI, ray tracing and simulation to design and deliver the latest films, buildings, products, research and virtual worlds.

While virtual and desktop workstations are critical in enabling these teams, more users are also choosing thin and light mobile workstations that provide the computing power needed to tackle these complex projects from anywhere.

NVIDIA RTX-powered mobile workstations provide the advanced visual computing capabilities necessary to stay productive in today’s hybrid work environment. Remote workers can run virtual reality environments, edit up to 8K-resolution videos, handle massive CAD models and datasets, supercharge data science, and create advanced renders in real time, from anywhere.

Watch how AI and RTX capabilities on an NVIDIA RTX-powered laptop help remote users boost productivity for 3D design and visualization workflows:

Powerful Performance on the Go

The new systems from Acer, ASUS, BOXX, Dell, HP, Lenovo and MSI come with a wide variety of options, ranging from the NVIDIA RTX A500 to the RTX A5500 laptop GPU.1

All of these systems are optimized for enterprise-grade reliability and performance. And for content creators, many of the systems are part of NVIDIA Studio, which extensively tests and validates for GPU-optimized creative workflows. Thin and light portability is the new standard for mobile workstations, with many of the new systems weighing around three to five pounds.

Check out some of the latest systems:

The Acer ConceptD5 and ConceptD5 Pro powered by the NVIDIA RTX A5500 offer extreme performance for designers, engineers and artists. The laptops feature a large 16-inch display that gives remote users the freedom to work whenever the creative moment strikes.

The ASUS ProArt Studiobook Pro 16 OLED features a powerful NVIDIA RTX A3000 12GB laptop GPU and a touch dial compatible with creative tools to fine-tune editing experiences. The A3000 has plenty of memory and performance to work with larger 3D models, renders and advanced workflows like virtual reality for design reviews.

BOXX Technologies recently released the GoBOXX SLM ultra-thin, ultra-powerful mobile workstation powered by NVIDIA RTX A3000 12GB and RTX A5500 laptop GPUs. The system features a 17-inch QHD display for a high-resolution, expansive workspace.

Dell Technologies announced its latest lineup of Precision mobile workstations, starting with the Dell Precision 3571 powered up to the NVIDIA RTX A2000 8GB, which delivers impressive, entry-level workstation performance while being extremely lightweight. The Precision 5470 packs an amazing amount of power, with up to an RTX A1000, inside a streamlined 14-inch notebook that starts off at around three pounds for Dell’s most portable workstation yet.

The thin and light Precision 5770 offers up to an RTX A3000 12GB laptop GPU, delivering even more performance and flexibility to work with larger 3D models. At the top end, Dell also announced new systems for the most scalable performance, the Dell Precision 7670 and 7770, which feature up to the NVIDIA RTX A5500.

HP has announced the latest ZBook Firefly, Power, Studio and Fury G9 — all powered by NVIDIA RTX. The ZBook Firefly now has RTX capability configurable with the NVIDIA RTX A500 laptop GPU, bringing AI and ray-tracing capabilities to an ultra-portable design. The ZBook Power includes up to NVIDIA RTX A2000 8GB laptop GPU for rendering and design. The ZBook Studio includes up to the NVIDIA RTX A5500 for advanced visual computing anywhere in a thin and light form factor. And the ZBook Fury offers HP’s highest end mobile workstation performance.

The Lenovo ThinkPad P1 packs the power of the ultra-high-end NVIDIA RTX A5500 laptop GPU into a thin and light mobile workstation, weighing around four pounds.

Marlon Nuñez, a 3D character artist from Spain who has worked for studios such as Blur and Electronic Arts, uses the Lenovo ThinkPad P1 to freely take his work anywhere.

“I decided to test the NVIDIA RTX graphics card on my new Lenovo ThinkPad P1 and was pretty shocked how well it performed inside Unreal Engine 5 with ray tracing enabled,” said Nuñez. “I managed to create the layout, play with the alembic hair and shaders, and use the sequencer on the scene. It was very responsive all the time.”

Lenovo also announced the Lenovo ThinkPad P16 powered by up to the NVIDIA RTX A5500 for users who need the utmost performance in a Lenovo mobile workstation.

MSI offers a wide range of mobile workstations for a variety of professionals.

For those who need the absolute best performance, the CreatorPro X17, Z17 and Z16P are equipped with up to an NVIDIA RTX A5500.

For those who may handle lighter tasks but still demand performance, the CreatorPro M17 and M16 are equipped with up to an RTX A3000 12GB, and the CreatorPro M15 up to an RTX A1000.

The CreatorPro series laptops from MSI deliver extreme performance and stability in professional applications that utilize real-time ray tracing, such as 3D CAD, simulations, virtual reality and 8K video editing.

Enhance Work From Anywhere With NVIDIA RTX

The value of NVIDIA RTX technology extends beyond the GPU to a massive range of software capabilities. Years of ecosystem development have enabled GPU acceleration for hundreds of apps, as well as RTX capabilities such as accelerated AI or ray tracing in over 70 apps, which include all the major rendering and design tools.

These powerful laptops also enable users to run solutions like NVIDIA Omniverse for unified 3D collaboration across applications, NVIDIA Broadcast for AI-enhanced conferencing, NVIDIA Canvas for invigorating art designs, and NVIDIA CloudXR for making GPU-accelerated XR experiences tetherless.

With NVIDIA RTX-powered laptops, powerful hardware and software combine to make the most advanced visual computing workflows completely mobile, allowing hybrid work to be accessible anywhere, anytime.

Explore available systems and learn more about NVIDIA RTX mobile workstations.

1. GPU configuration options and weight can vary by system. Refer to your preferred system for more information.