Generation Sensation: New Generative AI and RTX Tools Boost Content Creation

Adobe and OBS app updates announced, RTX Remix getting DLSS 3.5 Ray Reconstruction, March Studio Driver drops and more from GTC.
by Gerardo Delgado

Editor’s note: This post is part of our In the NVIDIA Studio series, which celebrates featured artists, offers creative tips and tricks, and demonstrates how NVIDIA Studio technology improves creative workflows. We’re also deep diving on new GeForce RTX 40 Series GPU features, technologies and resources, and how they dramatically accelerate content creation.

Creators are getting a generative AI boost with tools announced at NVIDIA GTC, a global AI conference bringing together the brightest minds in AI content creation and accelerated computing.

Adobe Substance 3D Stager and Sampler via Adobe Firefly, the OBS 30.1 YouTube HDR Beta and NVIDIA Omniverse Audio2Face for iClone 8 will also receive sizable upgrades.

DLSS 3.5 with Ray Reconstruction is coming soon to the NVIDIA RTX Remix Open Beta, enabling modders to upgrade their projects with the power of AI. Sample this leap in high graphical fidelity with the new Portal With RTX update available on Steam with DLSS Ray Reconstruction, which provides enhanced ray-traced imagery. Learn more about the DLSS 3.5 update to Portal With RTX.

The March NVIDIA Studio Driver, optimizing the latest creative app updates, is available for download today.

A March of Creative App Upgrades

The Adobe Substance 3D Stager beta announced a new Generative Background feature — powered by Adobe Firefly — to create backdrops for rendered images. Stager’s Match Image tool uses machine learning to accurately place 3D models within the generated background, optimizing lighting and perspective for greater flexibility and realism.


Meanwhile, Substance 3D Sampler’s announced Text to Texture beta — also powered by Adobe Firefly — gives artists a new way to source texture imagery using only a description. All Text to Texture images are square and tileable with proper perspective, ready for material-creation workflows.


Learn more about both apps in the GTC session “Elevating 3D Concepts: GenAI-Infused Design.” Search the GTC session catalog and check out the “Content Creation / Rendering / Ray Tracing” and “Generative AI” topics for additional creator-focused sessions.

The recently launched OBS 30.1 beta will enable content creators to use Real-Time Messaging Protocol — an Adobe open-source protocol designed to stream audio and video by maintaining low-latency connections — to stream high-dynamic range, high-efficiency video coding content to YouTube. Download OBS Beta 30.1 on the OBS website to get started.

NVIDIA Omniverse Audio2Face for iClone 8 uses AI to produce expressive facial animations solely from audio input. In addition to generating natural lip-sync animations for multilingual dialogue, the latest standalone release supports multilingual lip-sync and singing animations, as well as full-spectrum editing with slider controls and a keyframe editor.

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