NVIDIA Expands vGPU Software for Virtual Desktops, Delivers Powerful Graphics and Visualization Performance for Hybrid Workers

by Judy Lee

Enterprise workflows have become more complex with a steady rise in the graphics requirements of applications like office-productivity tools, browsers, rich multimedia content and even the Windows desktop environment.

IT departments face the challenge of addressing the growing demands of an enterprise-wide, unified virtual workspace, while satisfying the need for greater workplace mobility and enhanced productivity.

With the latest release of NVIDIA virtual GPU (vGPU) technology, enterprises can bring powerful performance to virtual desktops, apps and workstations.

With NVIDIA vGPU for virtual desktops, organizations can enable their workforce to easily manage complex graphics and visualization workflows through virtual machines, which can be accessed from any location — at home, in the office or on the go.

NVIDIA vGPU 15.0 brings support for the latest release of VMware vSphere, the enterprise workload platform. The latest release offers two main benefits for VMware vSphere:

  • Increasing multi-vGPU support up to eight GPUs per virtual machine with NVIDIA RTX Virtual Workstation.
  • Providing the ability for a single virtual machine to access multiple fractional GPUs for higher utilization.

Future-Proof Digital Workspaces With NVIDIA vGPU

NVIDIA vGPU solutions meet the rising performance demands of any professional application. They also improve IT manageability to centralize apps and data, and deliver future-proofing virtual workspaces that offer improved user experience. NVIDIA vGPU software products include:

  • NVIDIA RTX Virtual Workstation (RTX vWS): Enables IT to virtualize any application, including Autodesk AutoCAD, Dassault Systèmes SOLIDWORKS, Esri ArcGIS Pro and Siemens NX, with an immersive user experience.
  • NVIDIA Virtual PC (vPC): Extends the power of NVIDIA GPUs to cost-effectively deliver an immersive, virtualized hybrid workspace.
  • NVIDIA Virtual Applications (vApps): Enable enhanced productivity with virtual GPUs and NVIDIA vApps software for accelerated application streaming, allowing users to access any Windows app at full performance on any device.

The latest vGPU release enables businesses to deliver scalable, cost-effective virtual desktop infrastructure performance. NVIDIA vGPU technologies bring GPU acceleration to end-user computing solutions, letting enterprises expand their accelerated workloads — whether on premises or in the cloud.

With GPU-powered virtual machines, remote teams can also securely collaborate in real time without risk, from anywhere, using any device. And they’ll achieve the same user experience as a physical PC or workstation.

With fractional vGPU support, users can split a single GPU into smaller independent partitions. For example, if multiple graphics-intensive applications are running simultaneously, fractional vGPUs can be provisioned to each workload to ensure they have enough GPU resources for the best performance.

With vGPU 15.0, existing customers will need the NVIDIA Licensing System, which is a new system for serving licenses to NVIDIA enterprise software products.

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