At VMworld: Learn About NVIDIA GPU Virtualization

by Anne Hecht

NVIDIA will showcase the latest advancements in virtual GPU (vGPU) technology this month at VMworld, which runs Aug. 25-29 in San Francisco and attracts more than 20,000 attendees.

In theater talks and breakout sessions, we’ll share how businesses are bringing GPU virtualization to data center workloads — increasing efficiency, flexibility and performance.

At booth 1351 on the show floor, industry experts will take the stage to discuss how NVIDIA virtualization technologies are powering the modern data center.

Here are just a few of the partners and customers speaking at the NVIDIA Theater:

  • GE Aviation’s Journey with NVIDIA vGPU for Engineering Workloads
    Listen to GE Aviation as they share their experience using NVIDIA vGPU and Pascal P40 GPUs in a VDI engineering environment.
  • Millions in OPEX Savings: A Case Study in the AI-Ready Data Center
    Learn how one of Europe’s biggest cancer research hospitals is able to run multiple workloads on a centralized data center and GPU-accelerated virtualized desktop infrastructure (VDI).
  • Mellanox: vSphere Networking Done Right
    See how virtualization technologies can be shared effectively to meet the requirements for research computing, academic, scientific and engineering workloads.
  • Red Hat: Openshift on VMware vSphere with NVIDIA Virtual GPU Accelerating AI
    Hear how Red Hat OpenShift, VMware vSphere, and NVIDIA vGPU work together to accelerate HPC and containerized AI applications inside a virtualized environment.

Beyond the exhibit floor, NVIDIA will be presenting a few breakout sessions discussing the latest in NVIDIA vGPU. Featuring themes including streamlining GPU deployment and better utilizing data center resources, these talks are designed to help businesses get the most out of their virtualization solutions.

Check out some of NVIDIA’s sessions at VMworld:

  • How VMware vSphere and NVIDIA GPUs Accelerate Your Organization
    Ziv Kalmanovich, product manager at VMware, and Raj Rao, senior director of product management at NVIDIA, will talk about how VMware vSphere and NVIDIA vGPU are making it easier for companies to adopt GPUs as part of their infrastructure.
  • Power the Modern Data Center: What’s New with vSphere and NVIDIA GPUs
    Hear John Fanelli, NVIDIA’s vice president of product, share how VMware vSphere powered by NVIDIA vGPU software is driving innovation and new use cases.

For more information, see our full schedule of activities at VMworld.