An Elevated Experience: XPENG Launches G9 EV, Taking Innovation Even Higher with NVIDIA DRIVE Orin

EV debut joins DRIVE ecosystem with highly advanced driver assistance system.
by Danny Shapiro

Editor’s Note: This post has been updated to reflect the XPENG G9 launch. It was originally published in November 2021.

You don’t need a private plane to be at the forefront of personal travel.

Electric automaker XPENG launched the G9 SUV this week during NVIDIA GTC. The intelligent, software-defined vehicle is built on the high-performance compute of NVIDIA DRIVE Orin and delivers AI capabilities that are continuously upgraded with each over-the-air update.

The new flagship SUV debuts XPENG’s centralized electronic and electrical architecture and XNGP, its latest advanced driver assistance system for a seamless driving experience. The G9 is also compatible with the next-generation superchargers for charging up to 124 miles in 5 minutes.

The XPENG G9 and its fellow EVs are elevating the driving experience with intelligent features that are always at the cutting edge.

Intelligence at the Edge

The G9 is intelligently designed from the inside out.

The SUV is the first to be equipped with XNGP, an AI-assisted driving system that includes XPENG’s City Navigation Guided Pilot, Highway Navigation Guided Pilot and Valet Parking Assist smart memory parking capabilities.

The XPENG G9 interior.

It is built on two NVIDIA DRIVE Orin systems-on-a-chip (SoC), achieving 508 trillion operations per second (TOPS). The G9 uses 31 sensors and a front-view camera for advanced object detection — its front-mounting dual-lidar sensors cover 180 degrees, reducing the size of blind spots.

XNGP is capable of tackling multiple driving scenarios — regardless of map coverage — by 2023 when it is available in most cities in China.

This technology is incorporated into a centralized compute architecture for a streamlined design, powerful performance and seamless upgrades.

Charging Ahead

The G9 is designed for the international market, bringing software-defined innovation to roads around the world.

It incorporates new signature details, such as daytime running lights designed to make a sharp-eyed impression. Four daytime running lights at the top and bottom of the headlights form the XPENG logo. These headlights also include discrete lidar sensors, merging cutting-edge technology with an elegant exterior.

In addition to fast charging, the electric SUV was designed to meet global sustainability requirements as well as C-NCAP and E-NCAP five-star safety standards. Launched on September 21 in China, the G9 is expected to be delivered to customers in October 2022.

The intelligent EV joined a growing lineup of software-defined vehicles powered by NVIDIA DRIVE that are transforming the way the world moves.