XR Marks the Spot: Learn How 5G Networks Are Driving the Future of XR at GTC

Discover how NVIDIA RTX powers virtual, augmented and mixed reality to accelerate a new era of computer graphics.
by David Weinstein

Virtual reality is about to get real.

5G mobile networks are bringing more bandwidth, lower latencies and increased connectivity to mobile devices. And this is allowing new opportunities for VR and AR streaming to emerge across entertainment, professional design, retail, hospitality and many other industries.

The GPU Technology Conference, taking place March 23-26 in San Jose, will be the epicenter of innovation in augmented, mixed and virtual reality — collectively known as XR — showcasing the industry leaders using NVIDIA RTX-powered VR and AR to create incredible photorealistic designs and immersive environments.

GTC attendees can network with the world’s leading XR innovators and learn from developers, designers, researchers, engineers and others who are using edge computing and virtualization to bring graphics-rich, immersive realities to life.

Visit the XR Zone to see the latest demos and check out the new technologies in action, including an inside look at how NVIDIA CloudXR provides wireless XR experiences across 5G networks.

From developing new car models to ray-traced games from the cloud, the demos will show how 5G streaming makes it possible to finally deliver rich, low-latency experiences that meet professionals’ highest standards.

Physical lobby, digital car – brought together with NVIDIA CloudXR.
Physical lobby, digital car – brought together with NVIDIA CloudXR.

And don’t miss out on over 50 GTC sessions that dive deeper into the technologies that are changing the future of XR. Featured sessions include:

  • Learn how VR is supporting sustainability amidst climate change challenges using NVIDIA GPUs and Autodesk software.
  • The Missouri University of Science and Technology will share how they use GPUs for computational physics and VR rendering to create post-blast forensics VR environments.
  • Ericsson and NVIDIA will discuss how they’re transforming 5G virtualized radio access networks with GPUs.
  • OTOY will share insights on the evolution of media toward holographics across gaming, VFX, media and design.
  • A panel of experts from Autodesk, Dassault Systèmes, NVIDIA and more will discuss how various industries are accelerating productivity and creativity through VR.

Register now for GTC and see the complete list of XR sessions available.