Audi Kicks Off Its ‘Year of AI’ at Taipei International Auto Show

by Danny Shapiro

Kicking off its “Year of AI,” Audi brought a powerful story about the future of mobility — and 20 vehicles — to the Taipei International Auto Show, which runs through Friday.

The show brought some of the world’s leading automakers to the gleaming Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center to unveil the latest automotive technology and talk about the possibilities new technologies, like AI, are unleashing.

Audi’s lineup at the show included two vintage models — the S1 and the Auto Union — and the world’s first Level 3 autonomous driving car to go into production, the Audi A8. The A8, which made its very first appearance in Taiwan at the show, features several high-tech splendors.

Vintage Audi models, the S1 (left) and Auto Union (right). Photo courtesy of Audi.

Audi packed it with NVIDIA-powered systems, including revolutionary user interfaces, a new infotainment system, a new virtual cockpit and new rear seat entertainment options. Of particular note is Audi’s Zfas driver assistance system. It powers the world’s first true traffic jam assist technology, for use on divided highways with on ramps and off ramps.

The Audi A8. Photo courtesy of Audi.

NVIDIA and Audi have collaborated for more than a decade to shape the future of mobility with autonomous vehicles. During the auto show, Audi and NVIDIA held an AI Forum to provide details about how the companies have worked together. “Together, we made the future come true,” said Terence Johnsson, managing director at Audi Taiwan.

Audi’s work with NVIDIA goes back to 2004. The companies have collaborated on intelligent technologies in many different applications to make the driving experience safer and more enjoyable. “At Audi, we call this the 25th Hour,” Johnsson said. “Through teamwork with partners like NVIDIA, we have designed solutions that give you the luxury of time.”

NVIDIA and Audi held an AI Forum at the Taipei International Auto Show.

Audi’s presence in Taiwan expands beyond the auto show. The company is the first luxury auto brand to sponsor Lihpao Racing Park in Taichung City, Taiwan. As part of the racing park experience, visitors can take part in Audi’s off-road training courses, using Q-series models, at the nearby Audi Driving Experience Center.

Testing off-road capabilities at the Audi Driving Experience Center in Taiwan. Photo courtesy of Audi.

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