New NVIDIA Studio Announcements at GTC Support Creators at Home and in Studio

by Stanley Tack

Creators now have access to more options and unparalleled computing performance with the expansion of the NVIDIA Studio program, announced today at the GPU Technology Conference (GTC).

NVIDIA introduced a flagship GPU for creators — the NVIDIA RTX A6000, announced the Omniverse 3D simulation and collaboration platform open beta, and released new NVIDIA Broadcast Engine software development kits for developers of streaming applications.

The RTX A6000 GPU, built on the new NVIDIA Ampere architecture, allows creators to complete complex creative tasks, such as video editing in 8K HDR in real-time and animating extra-large 3D models. With 48GB, it offers the largest memory available in a single GPU and is expandable to 96GB using NVLink to connect two GPUs.

Available through NVIDIA sales channels starting in mid-December and through OEM partners early next year, the RTX A6000 unlocks new levels of ray-tracing performance with dedicated RT Cores and improved CUDA performance speeding 3D rendering times by up to 2x across top renderers.

The revolutionary RTX A6000 GPU.

Second-generation RT Cores add hardware acceleration for ray-traced motion blur rendering, delivering up to 7x faster performance than the last generation.

RTX A6000 uses PCIe Gen 4.0, doubling the connection speed between the GPU and the rest of the PC, which proves especially useful when working with ultra-high-resolution and HDR video.

Our new GPU also supports graphics workloads at scale for remote users, enabling larger creative workflows and making it perfect for working from home.

Enter the Omniverse 

Bringing together NVIDIA breakthroughs in graphics, simulation and AI, NVIDIA Omniverse is an RTX-based simulation, collaboration and rendering platform for 3D workflows.

Omniverse users can collaborate on their 3D workflows live between applications without painstaking imports and exports, and then render them with incredible fidelity using NVIDIA RTX.

Sign up starting this fall for the open beta, which will run on the full range of NVIDIA RTX hardware — from NVIDIA Studio laptops to RTX-powered workstations and servers.

NVIDIA Broadcast Features Now in Your Favorite Streaming Apps

Released last month, the NVIDIA Broadcast app upgrades any room into a home broadcasting studio with AI-powered noise removal, virtual background and auto frame features.

New SDKs that power NVIDIA Broadcast allow developers to integrate these AI capabilities directly into their apps. They’ll be able to add noise removal to remove distracting background sounds, upscale content with AI or use augmented reality for advanced face tracking.

Popular streaming apps and plugins are already adding our state-of-the-art technology. Learn more about how XSplit, Notch, NDI and Xaymar are enhancing their applications.

Learn more about NVIDIA Studio hardware and software for creators on the NVIDIA Studio website.

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