Elevate Your Expertise: NVIDIA Introduces AI Infrastructure and Operations Training and Certification

The ‘AI Infrastructure and Operations Fundamentals’ course is now available, designed to equip enterprise professionals with the skills to navigate the AI landscape.
by Ann Sheridan

NVIDIA has introduced a self-paced course, called AI Infrastructure and Operations Fundamentals, to provide enterprise professionals with essential training on the infrastructure and operational aspects of AI and accelerated computing. 

From enhancing speech recognition systems to powering self-driving cars, AI is transforming everyday life. The new course explains how to deploy and manage scalable infrastructure to support AI-based solutions, helping IT pros realize AI’s potential and stay competitive in the rapidly changing technological landscape. 

Course Overview  

The course is ideal for anyone seeking to expand their knowledge of AI and its applications. It was created and taught by NVIDIA experts with real-world experience and deep technical domain expertise.

The course is divided into three modules. The first, Introduction to AI, covers foundational AI concepts and principles. Learners will:   

  • Discover how AI is being applied in various sectors, to drive innovation and efficiency  
  • Trace the progression of AI from basic machine learning to advanced deep learning to generative AI — and learn how each phase unlocked new capabilities  
  • Explore how GPUs revolutionized AI, providing the computational power necessary for complex AI tasks  
  • Understand the importance of a robust software stack in ensuring optimal performance and efficiency  
  • Delve into the environments where AI workloads operate, whether on premises or in the cloud  

AI Infrastructure, the second module, dives into the critical infrastructure components that support AI operations. Learners will:  

  • Gain knowledge about the hardware that powers AI, including the latest advancements in compute platforms, networking and storage   
  • Explore practices that reduce data center carbon footprints and energy usage 
  • Discover how reference architectures can serve as a foundation for building the most effective AI designs  
  • Evaluate the benefits of transitioning from on-premises data centers to cloud-based solutions  

AI Operations, the final module, focuses on the practical aspect of managing AI infrastructure. Learners will:  

  • Gain insights into the tools and techniques that enable effective infrastructure management and monitoring  
  • Learn about orchestrating AI clusters and scheduling tasks to maximize performance and resource efficiency  

Certification: AI Infrastructure and Operations Associate  

Alongside the course, NVIDIA offers a new AI Infrastructure and Operations associate certification. This entry-level credential validates knowledge of the foundational concepts of adopting AI computing with NVIDIA solutions. Topics covered in this exam include: 

  • Accelerated computing use cases 
  • AI, machine learning and deep learning 
  • GPU architecture 
  • NVIDIA’s software suite 
  • Infrastructure and operation considerations for adopting NVIDIA solutions 

Whether attendees want to enhance existing skills, support projects, advance career paths, or embark on a new professional trajectory, this AI course and certification will further the knowledge and skills needed to excel in using AI. 

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