AI Podcast Wrapped: Top Five Episodes of 2021

by Angie Lee

Recognized as one of tech’s top podcasts, the NVIDIA AI Podcast is approaching 3 million listens in five years, as it sweeps across topics like robots, data science, computer graphics and renewable energy.

Its 150+ episodes reinforce the extraordinary capabilities of AI — from diagnosing disease to boosting creativity to helping save the Earth — while focusing on the people behind the magic.

Here are our most-played episodes from 2021:

NVIDIA’s Liila Torabi Talks the New Era of Robotics Through Isaac Sim

Robots aren’t limited to the assembly line. Liila Torabi, senior product manager for Isaac Sim, a robotics and AI simulation platform powered by NVIDIA Omniverse, talks about where the field’s headed.

GANTheftAuto: Harrison Kinsley on AI-Generated Gaming Environments

Humans playing games against machines is nothing new, but now computers can develop their own games for people to play. Programming enthusiast and social media influencer Harrison Kinsley created GANTheftAuto, an AI-based neural network that generates a playable chunk of the classic video game Grand Theft Auto V.

Jules Anh Tuan Nguyen Explains How AI Lets Amputee Control Prosthetic Hand, Video Games

With deep learning, amputees can now control their prosthetics by simply thinking through the motion.

Jules Anh Tuan Nguyen, a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Minnesota’s biomedical engineering department, speaks about his efforts to allow amputees to control their prosthetic limb — right down to the finger motions — with their minds.

Matt Ginsberg Built a GPU-Powered Crossword Solver to Take on Top Word Nerds

Dr.Fill, the crossword puzzle-playing AI created by Matt Ginsberg — serial entrepreneur, pioneering AI researcher and former research professor — scored higher than any humans earlier this year at the American Crossword Puzzle Tournament.

GE’s Danielle Merfeld and Arvind Rangarajan on AI and Renewable Energy

At GE Renewable Energy, CTO Danielle Merfeld and technical leader Arvind Rangarajan are focused on  advancing renewable energy. They cover how the company uses AI and a human-in-the-loop process to make renewable energy more widespread.

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