NVIDIA to Discuss AI-Driven Robotics in Manufacturing and Logistics at Automate Conference

Company leaders, customers and ecosystem partners will unveil how GPU-accelerated AI innovation is revolutionizing robotics and automation to improve efficiency, scalability and production across multiple industries.
by Gerard Andrews

Get a peek into the future of manufacturing and logistics, as industrial powerhouses developing with the NVIDIA Jetson, Omniverse, Isaac Sim and Metropolis platforms deliver talks and demos June 6-9 at the Automate conference in Detroit.

With more than 500 exhibitors and 20,000 attendees expected at Automate, autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) and robotics simulation will take center stage. A big focus area will be on digital twin simulation using NVIDIA Omniverse and Isaac Sim and the role of those platforms across industries. Companies are also expected to highlight edge AI processing of billions of sensor data points with Jetson modules.

Manufacturing, retail, agriculture and transportation are undergoing a transformation as companies deploy AI that leads to tangible outcomes at scale. Speakers at Automate will discuss the role NVIDIA GPU-accelerated technologies play in enabling them.

Leading the Way in NVIDIA Omniverse

Using AMRs at industrial scale, even small routing optimizations could save billions of dollars in the $9 trillion logistics industry. Research firm ABI estimates that the market for industrial robots will double from 406,000 units in 2021 to 815,000 in 2030, reaching $27 billion in value.

NVIDIA Omniverse is changing the way that industry giants optimize their manufacturing and workflows with AI in virtual environments before real-world implementation.

Amazon, for example, uses NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise and Isaac Sim to simulate warehouse design, train robot assistants and gain operational efficiencies before physically implementing them in warehouses. This helps the e-commerce giant fulfill thousands of orders in a cost- and time-efficient manner.

Meanwhile, PepsiCo is using Omniverse Enterprise and NVIDIA Metropolis to optimize warehouse layouts and workflows to accelerate throughput before making physical investments or executing changes. By harnessing Omniverse Replicator and NVIDIA TAO, companies can create custom, production-ready AI models before new products or processes get rolled out.

NVIDIA Talks and Panels Not to Miss 

Companies such as Kroger, Siemens, Honeywell, Doosan, Accenture, Amazon Web Services, General Motors and other players in the automation field will be at the conference to speak on AI and its impact on manufacturing and logistics.

Keep an eye out for this year’s lineup of NVIDIA keynote speakers and panelists:

  • The Future of Manufacturing: Dieter Fox, senior director of Robotics Research at NVIDIA, will speak at a keynote on how to wield AI to power manufacturing, alongside panelists from Accenture, Amazon Web Services, General Motors and Intel.
  • Revolutionizing Logistics: At an NVIDIA curated panel hosted by Deepu Talla, the company’s vice president of Embedded and Edge Computing, Kinetic Vision, Kroger, Rockwell Automation, Ready Robotics and Visual Components will discuss how AI and virtual environments are being used to improve logistical efficiency in the real world.
  • Edge AI and Robotics: Join the session from Amit Goel, director of Product Management for Autonomous Machines at NVIDIA, to hear how the NVIDIA Jetson edge AI and robotics platform is improving the productivity, safety and skills of autonomous machines in manufacturing and logistics.
  • Vision AI Transforming Manufacturing in Factories: Piyush Modi, responsible for global business development and strategy for the industrial sector at NVIDIA, will moderate a panel discussion with business/technology leaders from Drishti, Landing AI, Musashi and Siemens explaining how they’re using vision AI applications to optimize factory operations, improve quality control, reduce wastage and minimize risk to workers.
  • Synthetic Data Is Mission Critical: Gerard Andrews, senior product marketing manager at NVIDIA, will explain the concept of synthetic data generation and how it can be leveraged to make performant AI-perception models for machine learning systems that are deployed in factories and warehouses.

Request a meeting with NVIDIA experts at Automate June 6-9 and view details on our keynote panels and presentations. Visit us at booth 1643 to learn more about how our customers and ecosystem partners are using NVIDIA’s end-to-end AI and robotics solutions to accelerate and streamline logistics and manufacturing operations.

Feature image courtesy of Kinetic Vision.