Combating Corruption With Data: Cleanlab and Berkeley Research Group on Using AI-Powered Investigative Analytics  

by Brian Caulfield

Talk about scrubbing data. Curtis Northcutt, cofounder and CEO of Cleanlab, and Steven Gawthorpe, senior data scientist at Berkeley Research Group, speak about Cleanlab’s groundbreaking approach to data curation with Noah Kravitz, host of NVIDIA’s AI Podcast, in an episode recorded live at the NVIDIA GTC global AI conference. The startup’s tools enhance data reliability and trustworthiness through sophisticated error identification and correction algorithms. Northcutt and Gawthorpe provide insights into how AI-powered data analytics can help combat economic crimes and corruption and discuss the intersection of AI, data science and ethical governance in fostering a more just society.

Cleanlab is a member of the NVIDIA Inception program for cutting-edge startups.

Stay tuned for more episodes recorded live from GTC.

Time Stamps

1:05: Northcutt on Cleanlab’s inception and mission
2:41: What Cleanlab offers its customers
4:24: The human element in Cleanlab’s data verification
8:57: Gawthorpe on the core functions, aims of the Berkeley Research Group
10:42: Gawthorpe’s approach to data collection and analysis in fraud investigations
16:38: Cleanlab’s one-click solution for generating machine learning models
18:30: The evolution of machine learning and its impact on data analytics
20:07: Future directions in data-driven crimefighting

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